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what did the virginia plan want to establish
it wanted to establish a republic
what does each branch mean
legislative branch= would make the laws and raise money for the central government
executive branch= would carry out the laws made by the legislative
judicial branch= would decide the meaning of the laws
what is a antifederalists
it is a person who doesn't like the constitution
what are the three branches of the virginia plan
legislative branch,executive branch, and judicial branch
how come we know this as a famous meeting
because james madison took good notes
what was the final compromise
they would have two houses, the house of reprsentatives and the senate. the house of representatives would be based on the number of representatives in each state which was based on the population. it favored the larger states. in the senate each state would have two representatives. it favored the small states
what are the two most memorized parties
they are the democratic party and the republican party
what is the presidents cadbinet
it is a group of people who help the president make decicions. they are headed secratary
what is a federalists
it is a person who likes the constitution
what does veto mean
it is when the president refuses to approve that law
what does ratify mean
when the constitution was officialy approved
what is a admendment
it is a change to the constitution
what did they set up so that not one of the branches would get to powerful
checks and balances
what is the preamble
it is the introduction of the constitution
what did they do with the population of slaves
every 5 slaves would be counted as three
what were two other compromises
instead of the citizens voting for the president they would vote for the electoral college and then the college would vote for the president
what is the bill of rights
it is the first ten admenments of the constitution
what did the aeticles of confederation set up
it set up our country's first central government
what did the new jersey plan want to do with the number of delegates in each state
they wanted to put the same amount of delegates in each state
what was shay's rebllion about
it was about when this farmer named daniel shays organizeda group to protest up against the courts but instead of going up against the court they went up against the local militia. eight men were killed
what was the final compromise called
the great compromise
what was the constitutional convention for
it was so that the delegates from each state came to decide if they wanted a new government called the constitution because the articles of confederation was so weak
what type of system government did the constitution set up
it set up a federal system of government