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“Supreme Law of the Land”
examples of powers of Congress.
Declare war, coin money, negotiate treaties Regulate commerce between states, provide defense funding, and est. post office.
Define Federalism.
Shared power, for example state and national taxes.
3 Examples of Reserved Powers of the State.
Est. Public schools, regulate commerce within their state, and issue marriage licenses.
What can neither the Federal government or the state government do?
Pass ex post facto laws.
What is Bicameral?
2 House Congress: House and Senate
What is the number of senators from each state AND the term length for H of R?
Who can bring articles of impeachment against a public official?
House of Representatives
What is needed by both houses to override veto?
2/3 majority
What are the requirements for Presidential candidates?
35 years old and natural born citizen
What is the term limit for Presidents?
2 terms for 4 years each
Line of Succession: Vice President, ________, President pro tempore, Sec. of State.
Speaker of the House
What is the Electoral College?
Need 270 votes from this group in order to win the Presidential Election.
What is the Cabinet?
Group of people that head executive agencies and advise the President.
What is the Supreme Court?
Highest court in U.S
What is the term length for Justices?
Who are Justices appointed by?
What are the 2nd and 5th Amendments?
Right to bear arms, and right to remain silent and not be a witness against yourself.
What does the 14th Amendment say?
A person is a citizen if they are born or naturalized in the U.S.
What is required by the General Assembly to override Governor’s Veto?
3/5 Majority
How do the Sec. of State, Comptroller, Attorney General and JUDGES get into office?
Elected by the people
What is a Line-Item Veto?
Governor rejects just ONE part of a bill.
The governor ______ a Congressman if a vacancy occurs due to death or becoming President.
What are 3 rights protected by Illinois Bill of Rights?
Right to assemble, freedom of speech, no discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
This prevents the misuse of power by dividing it into 3 branches.
Separation of Powers
This concept does not allow one part of Government to become more powerful.
Checks and Balances
Declaring laws unconstitutional
Would be a judicial check on…
Legislative Branch
If the Senate refused a Presidential appointment the legislative branch would be checking…
Executive Branch
What is the Judicial Process of reviewing the Constitutionality of laws?
Judicial Review
What do the 13 stripes/50 stars represent?
13 Colonies
50 States
What are 3 ways to show respect during National Anthem?
Remove hats, face flag, stand up
What are 3 ways to show respect for the FLAG itself?
Nice weather, burn, not touch ground, same height as other nations' flags, highest on pole with state flags
What is Appellate Jurisdiction?
The right of the Supreme Court to reverse or confirm a lower court's decision.
What is Judicial Restraint?
Supreme Court limiting their role in policy/law making.
What is Judicial Activism?
The responsibility of the court to assist those neglected by legislation.
How many members of the Supreme Court are there?
Which Supreme Court case dealt with the 2nd amendment by trying to ban hand guns?
Washington D.C vs. Heller
Which Supreme Court case protected the 1st amendment-freedom of speech-by allowing free speech in schools unless you "disrupt the educational process."
Tinker vs. Des Moines
Which Supreme Court case required a warrant for police to enter a home upholding the 4th amendment of search and seizure?
Mapp vs. Ohio
Which Amendment was in question in Roper vs. Simmons saying that putting to death minors was unconstitutional?
8th Amendment- no cruel or unusual punishment
Which Supreme Court case stated that all persons are equal under the law based on the 14th amendment?
Brown vs. Board of Education
Which Supreme Court case established Judicial Review?
Marbury vs. Madison
Which Supreme Court case upheld the 5th amendment-due process to not self-incriminate-by requiring your rights be read to anyone under arrest?
Miranda vs. Arizona