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1st ammendment
Freedom of Religion, Speech, Assembly, and Petition
2nd ammendment
Militia and Right to Bear Arms
3rd ammendment
Quartering of the soldiers
4th ammendment
Searches and Seizures
5th ammendment
Grand Juries, Self-Incrimination, Double Jeopardy, Due Process, and Eminent Domain
6th ammendment
Criminal Court Procedures
7th ammendment
Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
8th ammendment
Bail, Cruel and Unusual Punishment
9th ammendment
Rights Retained by the people
10th ammendment
Reserved Powers of the States
11th ammendment
Suits against the state
12th ammendment
Election of the President
13th ammendment
Prohibition of Slavery
14th ammendment
Citizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection under the Laws
15th ammendment
Right to vote to black males
16th ammendment
Income taxes
17th ammendment
People directly elect the Senate
18th ammendment
19th ammendment
Women's right to vote
20th ammendment
Lame Duck Ammendment
21st ammendment
Repeal of Prohibition
22nd ammendment
Limitation of Presidental terms
23rd ammendment
Presidental Electors for DC
24th ammendment
Anti poll tax
25th ammendment
Presidental disability and Vice Presidential Vacancies
26th ammendment
18 years old to vote
27th ammendment
Congress can not raise their pay while in session