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What is imitation?
Behavior change
ZERO pressure
What is conformity?
Behavior change in response to real or imagined social pressure;
to adhere to existing social norms
What are the 2 major studies on conformity?
1. Sherif's Autokinetic studies ("moving" dot)
2. Asch's Studies on Line Judgment (comparing line length)
What are the 4 determinants of conformity?
1. nature of the task
2. cohesiveness
3. group size
4. social support
How can someone resist conformity?
Need to maintain individuality
Personal control
What is compliance?
Behavior change in response to an explicit or implicit request
Name 4 compliance techniques.
1. ingratiation
2. foot-in-the-door
3. low-ball
4. door-in-the-face
What are the 3 determinants of compliance?
1. positive mood
2. reciprocity/ expectation of a favor exchange
3. giving reasons
What is obedience?
Behavior change in response to a demand or order; the individual complies
What was Milgram's study?
Subjects increased the voltage for wrong answers to "shock" a confederate
What was the significance of Milgram's study?
People would be obedient no matter what under the pressure of authority
What are the 4 determinants of obedience?
1. responsibility
2. symbols of authority
3. escalation of nature of request
4. pace of events
How can someone resist the pressure to be obedient?
Reminder of responsibility
Level of inappropriateness
Question someone's expertise
Define social norm.
rules or guideline and a group or culture about what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate in various situations
State the difference between an explicit social norm and an implicit social norm.
Explicit norms are clear-cut, written rules; implicit social norms are not spoken or written