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Mesenchyme or Mesenchymal CT
-contains mesenchymal cells w/ high mitotic activity
-no CT fibers
-abundant ground substance
Mucous or Gelatinous CT
-stellate fibroblasts
-viscous gel-like ground substance
-few fibers
Loose Irregular CT or Areolar Tissue
-widely distributed
-random arrangement of fibers (all fibers)
-wide spaces
-ground substance has proteoglycans
beneath epithelia
around nerve, skeletal muscle
mechanical support, nutritional supply, tissue repair, defence mechanisms
Dense Irregular CT
-more abundant fibers than cells
-collagen fiber bundles cross
-resist strecthing in all directions
-elastic fibers for bounce back
-aponeurosis of muscles, fascia, joint capsules, capsule of organs, dermis
Dense Regular CT
(Tendons and Ligaments)
-run parallel
-ligaments have less ground substance than tendons
-fibers oriented in a regular pattern
-great tensile strength
Elastic CT
-predominance of elastic fibers
-each fiber surrounded by loose CT
-where you need lots of flexibility
Reticular CT
-reticular fibers form 3D network
stroma of lymphatic organs and bone marrow
Adipose Tissue
-intracellular lipid synthesized from fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins
-enzymic hydrolysis of lipid by hormonal control (insulin) or neural control (norepinephrine)
-in brown: mitochondrial respiration is uncoupled from ATP synthesis so produce heat
thermal, mechanical insulation, metabolic function, dampening cushion, heat energy
-White: intercellular spaces contain collagen and reticular fibers and dense capillary network
-Brown: contain fibrocytes, collagen and reticular fibers and dense capillary network