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What did the people from Europe call the new land?
New World
Europe, Africa, and Parts of Asia was call?
Old World
The trade between Americas to Europe is call?
Columbian Exchange
What is the transfer of plants, animals, ideas, and diseases between Europe, Africa, and the Americas is call?
Triangle Trade
The stage of the Triangle Trade in which million of people from Africa were taken to the New world to become slaves is call?
Middle Passage
What is the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade?
Is the trade between Slaves form Africa
What is a compass?
Is a tool that points north.
What is the economic system to increase a nation wealth by the govement is call?
What is Scurvy?
A lack of vitamin C
Founded th Pacific Ocean and was name after him.
Who is the man that found that the Earth is round?
Christopher Columbus
Who started the Navitage School?
Prince Henry
Who is the person that conquer the Aztec?
Hernan Cortez
Who conquer the Inca?
Francisco Pizarro
Who is the person that introduced Europeans to Central Asia and China?
Marco Polo
Who was the man who traved to Cape of Good Hope?
Bartelemeou Dias
Who is the person that traved around the Cape of African to go to India?
Vasco Da Gama
What spread of Religon and war and ideas?
Cultural Diffuision
What is another world for Spanish conquerors?
What is the earliest known Mexican civiliation?
What group founded Tenochtitlon (Mexico City)?
What is the Largest empire in the americans?
Who had a complex civilization with series of city-states?
Some one who has one white parent and one black parent?
Who are the people that live in American before the Spanish?
Native Americans
What is it called when you are born in Spain?
What is it called when you are Native American and have European descent?
What is it called when you were bron in american and had descendents of Spanish settlers?
What are the three G?
God, Glory, Gold
Who is a person that makes maps?