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a causa de
because of, due to
debido a
because of, due to
a pesar de
in spite of
pese a
in spite of
besides, moreover, furthermore
al contrario
on the contrary
por el contrario
on the contrary
de esta manera
in this way
de este modo
in this way
de esta forma
in this way
de todos modos
anyway, at any rate
acabar de + inf
to have just
al fin
finally, at last, in the end
al fin y al cabo
in the end
el fin
anyway, in short, to sum up
even, including
less, but can also mean "but" or "except"
a menudo
often, frequently
neither.. nor
ni siquiera
not even
no obstante
nevertheless, notwithstanding
por eso
for that reason
por lo tanto
por supuesto
of course
por un lado... por el otro, por una parte.. por la otra
on the one hand... on the other
se trata de
to be about [something]
se trata de _______
to be about [something]
sin embargo
tan... como
ya no
no longer
a la vez
at the same time
a veces
at times
a menos que/a no ser que
ahora que
now that
antes de que
asi' que
so, then
con tal de que
provided that
de modo que
so (that), so you say that...
despue's de que
en caso de que
in case
en cuanto
as soon as
hasta que
mientras (que)
while, as long as
para que/a fin de que
so that, in order that
puesto que/ ya que
since, now that
sin que
tan pronto como
as soon as
a eso de
about, approximately ( used before a number, and generally refers to time of day)