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qualifications for congress
25 years old
citizen for 7 years
inhabitant of state represented
qualifications for senate
30 years old
citizen for 9 years
inhabitant of state represented
assists the leader
rounds up votes
chairman of the caucus
presides over mtgs of all majority members
chairman of the conference
presides over mtgs of all minority members
delegate model
vote how your district wants you to
trustee model
consider the people's will but do what you think is best
politico mode
act as trustee until public gets involved then act as delegate
conscience model
delegate most of the time but is a trustee if they are strongly opposed to the people's opinion
senate term
6 years
1/3 of seats replaced every other year
house term
2 years, unlimited reelections
every 10 years
reflect changes in population and population shifts
redrawing district lines
lumping opposition in one area
splitting up opposition so they can't have a majority
Tom Delay
majority leader tried to increase the number of Republican districts in Texas