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If it were not for the fact.

Example: I would buy this personal computer except it costs too much.


1. Change or adjust it for a new situation or purpose.

2.Talke it and use it as your own.

3.Very skillful or expert in what you do.
1. These plans can be adapted to fit your need.

2. Your instrructor adopted this book for your course.

3. Marie is desginng merchandise displays.
1. Effects

2. Effect
1.Belongings or property.
Ex: She kept her personal effects in the top drawer.

2. As a verb meaning to bring about.
Ex: We intend to effect a few minor changes in company policy.
To assign a share, to allocate.

Ex: The manager told us to allot no more than three days to this assignment.
1. Allude

1. To make an indirect reference.

2. To escape notice or detection.
1. Ex: During his lecture, professor Jacobs alluded to Shankespeare's Hamlet.

2.EX: The bank robber eluded the police.
1. An indirect reference.

Ex:Durin his lecture, professor Jacobs made an allusion to Shaespeare's Hamlet.
Enthusiam, interest, desire.
1. Appriase

2. Apprise
1. To Estimate, to Judge.

2. To notify, to inform
1. Ex: The bank will apprasie our property on second Avenue later this week.

2.Ex: We will apprise you of the results of the bank's appraisal.
1. Canvas

1. A noun is used to make sails and tents.

2.A verb to go through a district or area soliciting votes for a candidate or orders for a product.
1.Ex: Joan received a set of canvas luggage for her birthday.

2. Ex: Volunteers for Miller canvassed the Third Precinct.
To Quote an authority, to aknowledge.
Ex: Miss Roberts cited serveral famous economists for support.
Somethng that complets a whole. If two items complement each other, they are complementary. Hint
Two angles the sum of wich is 90 degrees are complementary angles.
Ex:The college comprises six different schools.
It is a legislative or advisory body. Its meembers are conncilors. (Shora)Hint
She is a member of the student council.
1. Discreet

2. Discrete
1. Good judgement

2.Separate Distinct.
1. A good attorney is always discreet in handling a client's affirs.

2.Separate the applications into five discrete units.
1. Eminent

2. Imminent
1. Outstanding or distinguished

2. Impending, about to happen
1. THe eminent economist Dr. Michelle Fisher addressed the meeting.

2.Financial collapse seemed imminent.
Suggest without stating (Eshareh Dashtan)

Ex:Although he didn't say so, Mr.Siegle implied that he would retire next year. Hint
Remeber: The speaker or writer implies, the listener or reader infers.
1. Interdate

2. Interastate

1. Between states

2. Within a single state

3. Having made no valid will.
1.The interstate commerce Act covers all trasactions taking place from state to state.

2.Each state has exclusive control over its interstate affairs.

3.Serious legal problems can result when a person dies intestate.