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Process by which people involved in a dispute discuss their problem and try to reach a solution acceptable to all.
An attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement between disputants through the objective intervention of a neutral party.
An understanding or arrangement reached in a financial or business proceeding.
A representative appointed to investigate complaints against local agencies and institutions.
A means of settling a dispute in which the matter is decided by an independent third party and must be honored by both parties.
Binding Arbitration
Usually ordered by a judge but the arbitration decision is not always final.
Non-Binding Arbitration
The intent of binding arbitration is __________.
The intent of Non-Binding Arbitration is __________.
The act of engaging in and proceeding with a lawsuit.
Federal judges are permitted to retire with full pay and benefits when the sum of their age and number of years on the bench equals 80.
Rule of 80
All cases involving major crimes and large amounts of money must begin in these courts.
General Trial Courts (County courts or Circuit Courts)