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The spiritual part of the human person that is immortal or never dies.
Christ’s deliverance of humanity from sin and death through his Paschal mystery.
A truth of faith taught by the Church to be revealed by God.
Holy Trinity
One God in three persons.
The act of claiming to be God
The loving care of God for creation that is always with us.
Immaculate Conception
The total preservation of Mary from the stain of original sin.
Kingdom of God
The biblical image used to describe all people and all creation living in communion with God.
The raising of Jesus from the dead to a new and glorified life.
One who stands by a person’s side, speaking for that person and standing up for that Person
Original Sin
The choice of Adam and Eve by which they knowingly and freely rejected God’s plan of creation and chose to replace it with their own
The announcement to Mary by the angel Gabriel that God would implement his plan of
Salvation through her and she would become the mother of the redeemer, Jesus.
Holy Spirit
The third Person of the Holy Trinity
Physical Death
The separation of the soul from the body.
The name of the ministry of the leadership of the pope
A Greek word that means “one who speaks before others”
Last Judgment
The judgment at which all human beings will appear in their own bodies to given an account of their deeds.
Gods’ free gift of making himself known to us and giving himself to us by gradually communicating his own mystery by words and deeds.
Suffering Servant
The image of the ideal faithful Jew suffering in exile.
Beatific vision
Seeing God face to face, drawing us into full community with the Holy Trinity.
A way of living the Gospel in community
Communion of Saints
The communion of holy people and holy things that make up the Church.
The wonderful union of the divine nature and a human nature in the one divine Person of Jesus Christ.
Divine Nature
that which makes god... god
Divine Missions
The work of God among us.