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acabar de
to have just
avergonzarse (ue) de
to be ashamed
insitir en
to insist on
encargarse de
to take charge (care)of
soñar (ue) con
to dream of
jactarse de
to brag about
quedar en
to agree to, decide on
arrepentirse (ie,i) de
to regret, be sorry
consentir (ie,i) en
to consent to, agree to
tardar (+ period of time) en
to take (period of time) to
acordarse de
to remember
tratarse de
to be a question of
alegrarse de
to be glad to
asegurarse de
to assure oneself
cansarse de
to get tired of
estar cansado/a de
to be tired of
cesar de
to cease to
tener (ie) miedo de
to be afraid of
pensar (ie) en
to think of
estar seguro/a de
to be sure of
(no) dejar de
(not) to stop to
olvidarse de
to forget
contar (ue) con
to count on, rely on