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Si + indicative (any tense) ..., ...indicative
Simple conditional

=>If you do this, I do that
Si illud iterum feceris, te puniam.
If you do that again, I will punish you.

(Simple conditional)
Si + future perfect indicative..., ... future indicative
Future Conditionals (Future more vivid)
=>If you this happens, this will happen.
Si in urbe manebit, in periculo erit.
If he stays in the city, he will be in danger.

(Future more vivid Conditional)
Si + present subjunctive, present subjunctive
Future Conditional (Future less Vivid)
=>If I were to..., I would...
Si hanc medicinam bibas, statime convalescas.
I you were to drink this medicine, you would get better at once.

(Future less vivid conditional)
Si + imperfect subjunctive...,... imperfect subjunctive
Present contrary-to-fact Conditional
=>If I were to... I would
Si Romae nunc habitarem, clientes me assidue vexarent.
If I were living in Rome now, my clients would be continually pestering me.

(Present Contrary-to-Fact conditional)
Si + Pluperfect Subjunctive ...,... pluperfect subjunctive
Past Contrary-to-fact
=>If you had... you would have...
Magister, nisi nimis vini bibisset, in flumen non cecidisset.
If the teacher had not drunk too much wine, he would not have fallen into the river

(Past Contrary-to-Fact conditional)