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Op. 15.
Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 1, D Minor.
Comp 1854-8, perf 1859
Rondo form of Bruch finale
ABAB coda
Key and form of Dvorak's Adagio
Key and form of Op. 102 andante
Key and form of Op. 83 andante
Key and Form of Dvorak's Rondo
Brahms "Years of crisis"
Peter Bottinger, 1989
Op. 102.
Brahms, Concerto for Violin, Cello, and Orchestra, A minor.
Comp/Perf 1887 (Cologne)
Op. 77.
Brahms, Violin Concerto, D major.
D-F ([V/]f#) -D
comp 1878, perf 1879
Key and form of Tchaikovsky Andante
G minor, ABA
"Violin Assistant" to Tchaikovsky
Yosif Kotek
Ultimate dedicatee of Tchaikovsky
Adolf Brodsky
Original performer of Bruch
Otto von Königslow
LVB concerto with no display episode
No 4, Op. 58
Key and form of LVB Op. 37 second mvt.
E major, sonata
Key and form of Larghetto, LVB Op. 61
G, theme-and-variations
Inspiration for Dvorak's cello concerto
Victor Herbert's cello concerto
Key and form of andante, LVB Op. 58
E minor, no discernable form.
Form of Tchaikovsky Rondo
A(I) B (V) C(iii)
A(I) B(IV) C(ii)
Original dedicatee and rejector of Tchaikovsky violin concerto
Leopold Auer
Liszt's and Hans von Bülow's text
Das verstehen ihr alle nicht, haha!
Dvorak Cello concerto original dedicatee
Hanus Wihan
What Brahms teacher was his "link" with Mozart, Beethoven?
Who said so?
Eduard Marxsen
Imogen Fellinger
Who says Liszt is sonata form?
Stephan Lindeman
Key and Form of Adagio, LVB Op. 73
B major, 3 tonic statements of a theme
Debut of Liszt Piano Concerto: year, city, conductor
1855, Weimar, Berlioz
K. 503.
Mozart, Concerto No. 25 in C Major.
Concerto-Type1-Special Rondo
Comp./perf. 1786, Vienna
Opus 64.
Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto in E Minor.
Concerto-ABA- (Sonata?)
comp 1844, perf. Leipzig 1845
Op. 83.
Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 2, B-flat Major.
Bb-d-Bb-Bb (f#)-Bb
Comp, perf 1881, Budapest
Op. 104.
Dvorak, Cello Concerto in B Minor.
comp. 1994-5, perf. 1895, Leo Stern
Type 2 Sonata-ABA-"Short" Rondo
Op. 35.
Tchaikovsky, Violin Concerto in D Major.
Composed 1878, performed 1881, Vienna
Op. 73.
Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major.
comp. 1809, perf. 1811
Ded. Archduke Rudolph
Op. 61.
Beethoven, Violin Concerto in D Major.
Comp., perf. 1806, Vienna
Op. 58.
Beethoven, Concerto No. 4 in G Major.
Completed 1807, performed 1808
Opus 26.
Bruch, Violin Concerto No. 1, G Minor.
First performance 1866
Revision, w/ Joachim, and perf. 1868
Key and form of Brahms Op. 71 Adagio
F major, ABA
Key and form of Mendelssohn andante
C major, ABA
Key and form of Mendelssohn finale
E major, sonata
Key of Op. 15 adagio
D major
Performer of Mendelssohn Vn Concerto
Ferdinant David
Key and form of Mozart K503 Andate
F, type-1 sonata with ritornello
Op. 37.
Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor.
1803 (corrected by LP from 1800).
When did Mozart start to use thematic material in cadenzas?
Where did LVB and WM like to put S in cadenza
What five Cadenzas for other compositions did Brahms write?
Bach BWV 1052 in D minor 3rd mvt
LVB Op. 58, 1st and 3rd mvts
Mozart K453 in G Major (mvts 1 &2)
Mozart K466 in D minor
Mozart K491 in C Minor
Which WM concertos did JB study, perform?
K. 453 G Major
K. 488 A major
How does LVB work against Mozart's intent in K. 466?
modulates and spends a lot of time in Eb, contra Türck
How does Kramer characterize LVB's cadenzas to Mazart?
Openly confrontational
Which Kramer wrote Cadenza contra text?
When did JB play Op. 58? Where?
Leipzig 1855, Detmold 1857