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although the Nightingale tradition influenced the establishment of American nursing schools, the research approach did not take hold until the beginning of the ____ century.
The journal ___ ____ was established in 1952 to serve as a vehicle to communicate nurses research and scholarly productivity
nursing research
____ research progresses through systematic, logical steps according to a specific plan to collect numerical information, often under conditions of considerable control, that is analyzed using statistical procedures. this approach is most frequently associated with positivism or logical positivism, a philosophical doctrine that emphasizes the rational and the scientific. uses deductive reasoning and the measureable attributes of human experience. "hard science"
the _____ approach is often associated with naturalistic inquiry, which explores the subjective and complex experiences of human beingss. It investigates the human experiences as it is lived through careful collection and analysis of narrative, subjective materials. uses inductive method.Data collection and the analysis occur at the same time. It uses open ended questions and observations.
_____ pertains to the availability of time as well as the material and human resources needed to investigate a research problem or question.. Conducting a study involves the use of space, money, equipment, supplies, computers, subjects, research assistants, and consultants.
The ____ variable is the behavior, characteristic, or outcome that the researcher wishes to explain or predict. sometimes called the outcome variable.
The ____ variable is the presumed cause of or influence on the dependent variable. Predictor or regressor or manipulated.
The research process relies on _____ data, or information collected form the observable world. Conclusions and generalizations are derived from collected data.
_____ of central tendency describe the center of a distribution of data, denoting where most of the subjects lie. these include the mean, median, and mode.
Research design
this design manipulates the independent variable by giving experimental treatment to some subjects while withholding it from others
experimental design
Research design
Manipulates the independent variable but without either the randomization or control that characterizes true experiments.
quasi experiment
Research design
no manipulation of independent variable
_____ statistics is the summary of large volumes of data to show patterns and trends
summing all scores and dividing by the number of subjects
exact middle score. Value above and below which 50% of the scores lie
The score or value that occurs most frequently in the scores
research that provides a framework to focus on the culture of a group of people
research that investigates peoples life experiences and how they interpret those experiences.
understanding of the social structures and social processes. Patterns of behaviors of the people in the study
grounded theory
What is a method of bringing together facts and giving them coherence and integrity
What is a set of statements that tentatively describe, explain, or predict relationships among concepts that have been systematically selected and organized as an abstract representation of some phenomenon.
This theory is most abstract, global perspective of nursing discipline, not easily tested, contains grand, middle range and practice theories, and and an example is complexity integration nursing theory
This theory is a global viewpoint with broad perspective of nursing practice, relatively abstract, relationships cannot be tested empirically, Rogers "Science of Unitary Human Being" and Newman "Health as Expanding Consciousness"
Grand Theory
This theory is moderately abstract, inclusive, organized with limited scope, variable that can be tested, have stronger relationship with theory and practice. Example "Theory of pain alleviation represents a midrange theory for nursing: broader than theory of neutral conduction of pain stimuli but narrower than the goal of achieving high level wellness." focus on concepts of interest to nurses pain, empathy, grief self esteem, hope, comfort, dignity and quality of life.
roy "theory of the person as an adaptive system and king, "Theory of goal attainment
middle range theory
_____ science is a collection of data related to nursing that may be applied to the practice of nursing. Conceptual models and nursing theories evolve from this.
_____ framework is a set of concepts, construct and propositions
_____ describes ideas about individuals, groups, situations, and events
These are labels given to ides, objects or events and are measureable
These show relations between concepts.
self care
science of care
This is a pattern of shared understandings and assumptions about reality and is a frame of reference
The term ____ discipline is used for fields of study in which the central focus is perfomance of a professional role.
These are often called the building blocks of theories. they are hard to define because the definition has to include everthing form the speed of light to the unconscious.
The term _____ theory is used in academia to describe theories that help elucidate how social structures affect a wide variety of human experiences form art to social practices. Helps explain how these structures such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic class affect patient experiences and health outcomes.
critical theory
A _____ is often an early effort to define nursing phenomena and serves as a basis for later theoretical formulations.
Theory included self care, self care deficit and nursing systems.
theory is based on the practice of caring.