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Interpretations or conclusions that people accept as true, (which may not be true) are what?
a. Value
b. Belief
c. Attitude
d. Morals
Where can the ethical nurse find the legal standards of his/her practice?
a. Code for Nurses
b. Best Practices
c. Expert Nurse
d. Nurse Practice Act
Nurse Practice Act
A personal belief about the worth of something that acts as a standard to guide behavior is . . .
a. Attitude
b. Belief
c. Value
Utilitarians believe that a good act is one that brings the greatest good and least harm for the greatest number of people.

Deontological theory claims that a decision is right only if it conforms to an overriding moral duty and wrong only if it violates that moral duty.

The ethical RN can . . .
a. Explain the rationale behind every action
b. Recognize the standards to which he/she will be held.
c. Advocate for his/her patient(s).
d. All of the above.
All of the above.
What stage of Health Behavior Change does a person change overt behavior for less than 6 months?
a. Preparation stage
b. Maintenance stage
c. Action stage
d. Contemplation stage
e. None of the above
Action stage
The Associate RN focuses on the patient as the client within the family structure. What does the Master RN focus on?
a. Health history
b. Patient, family, and community as client
c. Patient and family as clients
d. Physical fitness
Patient, family, and community as client
What healthcare provider emphasis wellness, prepaid determined amount for care of the patient, profit of loss, and limited ability to choose physician?
a. PPOs
b. Medicaid
c. Medicare
d. HMOs
One reason Health care is not competitive is physician’s reimbursement incentives may encourage over utilization or under utilization of services.

A RN has witnessed her friend, another RN, going to the narcotics cabinet more times than any other nurse. The RN is concerned more when she finds that her friend has been signing out more controlled narcotics than anyone else as well. What should the RN do about her friend?
a. Confront the friend
b. Do nothing
c. Report to the manager
d. None of the above
Report to the manager
What are RNs held accountable for?
a. Their actions
b. Equipping themselves to defend their interventions through empirical evidence
c. Recognizing the value of research in the delivery of nursing care
d. A & B
e. All of the above
Their actions

Equipping themselves to defend their interventions through empirical evidence
Which research design manipulates the independent variable but without either the randomization or control that characterizes true experiments?
a. Experimental design
b. Non-experimental design
c. Quasi-experimental design
d. None of the above
Quasi-experimental design
Which of the 3 qualitative research traditions research that investigates people’s life experiences and how they interpret those experiences?
a. Ethnography
b. Phenomenology
c. Grounded theory
The personal standard of the rightness or wrongness of conduct, behavior, or attitude is

a. values
b. attitude
c. ethics
d. morals
What is the coordination of healthcare services by healthcare providers for clients moving from one health care setting to another and between and among healthcare professionals?

a. palliative care
b. health promotion model
c. continuity of care
continuity of care
If a hospital’s cost exceed the DRG payment, who is responsible for the remaining portion of the bill?

a. the patient
b. the insurance/Medicare
c. the department where charges originated
d. the hospital
Choose from the following a trend that is NOT expected for the future of health care practitioners.

a. efficiency and effectiveness through coordinated care
b. consumer empowerment
c. diversity in the aging population
d. a decrease in the cost of healthcare
a decrease in the cost of healthcare
Nurses’ roles in the changing population include

a. respond to the health care needs of older adults
b. implementation of disease management programs
c. participation in care management in long term setting
d. respond to cultural diversity
e. none of the above
f. all of the above
all of the above
You notice your coworker took an excessively long bathroom break and since returning to work seems “out of it” and she just made a medication error. You asked her if she was okay or if she needed to go home sick and she refused. What should your next step be?
a. return to your patient, after all she said she was fine
b. tell your other coworkers so you can discuss the best method of action to convince her to go home
c. inform your supervisor
d. complete an incident report with all the details of her bathroom break, her behavior and her medication error.
inform the supervisor
Which of the following is not a right of human subjects in research?

a. right not to be harmed
b. right to a full disclosure
c. right to self-determination
d. right to compensation
e. right to privacy and confidentiality
right to compensation
The evaluation of potential benefits verses possible harm, cost-effectiveness, availability of ongoing support resources and willingness of the health care staff and clients to accept change is

a. nursing research
b. expected outcome of nursing process
c. evidence based practice
evidence based practice
Metaparadigm for nursing does not involve

a. person
b. environment
c. health
d. nursing
e. none of the above
none of the above

Orem a. adaptation
Roy b. caring
Nightingale c. self-care deficit
Watson d. nursing process
RSU e. environmental