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What legislative documentation for nurses dictates what the nurse's role in medication administration will be?
Nurse Practice Act for the individual's state
What act first set the standards for the quality and purity of drugs?
Pure Food And Drug Act--1906
Who is the governing body for determining that drug manufacturers maintain the standards set by law?
The Food And Drug Administration
These are drugs that affect the mind or behavior, may be habit-forming, and have a high potential for abuse....
Controlled Substances
This schedule of drug has high abuse potential and is not accepted for medical use...
Schedule 1
This schedule of drug has a high potential for abuse and is accepted for medical use...
Schedule 2
What type of storage is necessary for Narcotics?
Double-locked storage area
What information must be present on a written prescription?
Name, med name, dose, route, frequency, amount of med to be dispensed, number of refills, provider's signature
What is the Z-Track method for giving an intramuscular injection?
Locate site, pull skin to side, give injection, release skin back to normal position( prevents seepage of med into sub-Q layer causing discomfort).
What is the site of choice for IM injection for children?
Rectus Femoris
The metric system is based on units of_______?
Equivalents in the metric system are computed by multiplying or dividing, and by moving the decimal point to the ______and ______ respectively?
right , left
What are the 3 basic units in the metric system?
gram, miligram, microgram
Where did the Apothecary system originate and what unit is it based on?
colonial England and based upon a single grain of wheat.
Progressions or increases in weight in the apothecary system are_________?
Dram, ounce, pound
What is the basic unit for measuring volume in the Apothecary System?
The minim( which is the approximate amount of water that weighs a grain)
What are the names for the progressions or increases in volume in the Apothecary System?
Fluid Dram, fluid ounce, pint, quart, gallon
What are the basic units of measurement for weight in the Household system?
ounce and pound
What are the basic units of measurements for volume in the Household system?
Teaspoon, Tablespoon,Ounce, Pint, Quart, Gallon
What is the formula for calculating dose?
Desired/Have x Quantity= Dose
What is the formula for calculating drip rate?
Drops/min= Total volume infused x drop factor
What is an idiosyncratic response?
An unexplained and unpredictable response to a medication which may be sub-otimal,exaggerated, or abnormal
What is the fastest and slowest absorption routes for med admin?
IV--Fastest, Topical--Slowest
What is synergism with respect to med admin?
Interaction results in potentiation of the medication to increase its affects
What is antagonism with respect to med admin?
When the medication effects decrease due to the interaction
Excretion of a drug most often occurs in the kidneys, but may also occur in what 3 other sites?
Lungs, exocrine glands, and intestinal tract