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Pierce v. Society of Sisters
(1923) recognized parents’ right to determine children’s education
Skinner v. Oklahoma
(1942) court voided sterilization law; Marriage and procreation are fundamental to the existence and survival of the race
Griswold v Connecticut
(1965) recognized a married couple’s right to receive information about contraception from their doctor

Johns - Griswold is the landmark modern, post WW2 case which established what seems to be obvious – married people can talk to their doctors about contraception. The reasoning in Griswold – although the BoR protects certain things like quartering soldiers and probable cause – ct said expressions of underlying notion of privacy. “radiates from penumbras of specific BoR amendments. From Griswold flowed Roe v Wade
extended contraception use to unmarried people
Extended it to minors under 16
Roe v Wade
(1973) Abortion Fundamental right until compelling state interest; 2nd trimester interest in health of the mother; 3rd-interest in the life of the fetus
Planned Parenthood v Casey
upheld a woman’s right to terminate pregnancy, but rejected trimester approach and afforded States greater regulatory authority under an undue burden analysis
got rid of spousal notification
Stenberg v Carhart (2007)
held that the prohibition of a specific abortion procedure was not an undue burden subject to a facial challenge; reserved the possibility that it might be subject to an as-applied challenge
Bowers v Hardwick
(1986) Upheld a law prohibiting sodomy but wrote it as an opinion against same sex sodomy

"respondent would have us announce a fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy. this we are quite unwilling to do"
Lawrence v Texas
Overruled Bowers said right to privacy; can’t justify it on moral grounds—still unclear whether this is a fundamental rights case or just that state had no rational basis
Cruzan v Director of MO Dept. of Health
Court said it was alright for MO to say have to prove person’s right by clear and convincing standard; also establishes fundamental right of competent person to refuse unwanted medical treatment
Washington v Glucksberg
No right to commit suicide and gave 2 tests to determine fundamental rights: objectively deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition; implicit in concept of ordered liberty
Loving v Virginia
Marriage - antidiscrimination statute
Moore v East Cleveland
Family residence throw the orphan out because stayed with Grandma (zoning regs)