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When does an association have standing?
1. there is an injury in fact to its members that give them standing
2. the injury is related to the organization's purpose
3. neither the nature of the claim nor the relief requeted requires participation of the individual members n the lawsuit
Define the Intermediate Standard of Review
The classificationmust be substantially related to an important government interest

(applies to gender classifactions)
Define obscenity
Obscenity is a category od unprotected speech. It is a depiction of sexual conduct, that taken as a whole, by the average person, using contemporary community standards:
1. appeals to the prurient interest in sex
2. portrays sex in a patently offensive way and
3. using a rational reasonable person standard, does not have serious literary, artistic, politicall or scientific value
Define the Property Clause
The Property Clause gives Congress the power to make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the US.
Define the Commerce Clause
Under the Commerce Clause Congress may regulate any act that may itself or in combination with other activities have a substantial effect on interstate commerce, even intrastae activities