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A to D Converter
Device that converts analog electric signals into a series of numbers
Code tht uses 64-bit numbers to represent characters from numerous languages
Liquid Crystal Display
Type of display that uses electric fields to change the transparency of liquid cells and are typically much thinner than older style monitors
Voice Recognition
Ability to convert speech into ditital files or commands
Dumb Terminal
Communication device wiht a keyboard and monitor that depend on another computer for processing and storage
Flat Screen
CRT with a less curved screen
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Device used to connect a computer to a computer network
Round connector used for mice and keyboards
Multiple port connector
Group of eight bits used to represent characters, decimal numbers, and other special characters (See ASCII)
ASCII-American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Group that chooses which eight-bit numbers would represent letters, decimal numbers, and special function characters
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Integrated circuits that work with the CPU-processor retrieves data from memory, processes it and returns it to memory
Optical disc from which data can be read and to which data can be recorded and rewritten
Optical disc from which data can be read and to which data can be written
Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
Optical storage on which data can be recorded in layers on both sides
Key (hardware)
Projection that requires a plug and receptacle to be properly oriented
Key (software)
Binary number used to encrypt or decrypt messages
Flash Memory
Memory for use in electronic devices like cameras that remembers data even when disconnected from a power source
USB Drive
Removable storage
Device that sends out pulses used to coordinate computer component activity
Virtual Memory
Space on hard disk used to supplement pjysical memory
Physical Memory
High speed integrated circuits that work directly with the CPU to temporarily store data
Standard ethernet connector
Standard telephone connector
Flat Panel
Thin display that often uses LCD technology
SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)
Type of bus connection for high speed data transfer between devices and the computer
Sleep (see standby)
Standby-partially powered state