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What is GIGO relating to technology?
Garbage in Garbage out
What is the internal storage on the computer device?
Hard drive
What does hot swappable mean?
Plug and play without restarting a computer
Name 3 external storage devices?
Floppy Disk
External hard drive
What is the difference between RAM and ROM memory?
ROM is programmed to keep basic computer info. and cannot be changed. RAM is the volatile memory that allows you to work on the desktop but erases when computer is turned off. You can ADD to RAM.
What is Binary Code?
Different combinations of 0’s and 1’s
What is the adaptive/assistive software? Give an example
Software that aids students with special needs. Example: it can talk to you.
What type of software involves the user in a specific scenario with choices and consequences imitating reality?
What allows educators to use copyrighted items in face to face teaching?
What type of software allows the student the most latitude in creating projects?
Administrative, Productive, Tool software’s
What is the purpose of copyright?
To protect the creator who created it
Why is playing a video for a group of children wrong?
No face to face
What is a single dot a graphic image called?
A pixel
How can we share documents with all of our students at once regardless of the computer they are on?
Use the network shared folder
A flash drive connects to what on the computer?
The USB cord
Name two peripherals for a computer?
Scanner, Printer
How do you know what you may do with purchased software?
Read the licensing agreement
What type of software is free to download and give to others but if you want to keep it you have to pay for it?
What do I need to read a PDF file?
Adobe Acrobat reader
What is the relationship of byte to kilobyte to megabyte to gigabyte?
1000 bytes = 1kb
1000 KB= 1MB
1000 MB=1 GB
What typefaces that have the fine lines that finish major strokes of the letters are used for body text?
Serif Fonts
What type of software is Math Blasters?
Drill and Practice software
Name tow operating systems?
Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
What is the first thing we must do to integrate technology Lesson?
Go over the standards and bench marks
Resolution has to do with?
Image clarity
What is DPI? What is it in reference to?
Dots Per Inch; has to do with the printer
What is the purpose of Inspiration?
To create graphic organizers or concept maps
What is an ISP and an AUP?
Internet Service Provider; Acceptable use provider
What is important to know when buying a data projector?
The resolution (image clarity
Lumens (brightness)
What do you use to get digital pictures and movies from your cameras into the computer?
USB or Fire wire
To increase the life of the bulb in your overhead, DON’T…
Don’t move it when it’s hot
When buying a digital camera, what is the least mega pixel size to get?
No less then 3 mega pixels
The ____ the number of pixels, the higher the resolution and the _____ the image you can print?
Greater; Larger
Describe two safety rules for students in your classroom using the web?
Never give out personal information, tell the teacher if you find an inappropriate site
Name 3 types of educational software?
Drill and Practice, Simulations, Tool Software
Why would you defrag a hard disk?
To conserve space
Arrange in order smallest to largest:
Byte, kilo, mega, gigo
Name 3 factors used to evaluate a web site.
Author, content accuracy, speed of loading, organization, able to contact the creator, the suffix on the URL
What is the Rule of 6?
In PowerPoint presentations, use no more than 6 words per line and 6 lines per slide.
What is NETS-T and NETS-S?
National Educational Techology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) or for Students (NETS-S)
What is a Boolean search?
Using AND, OR or NOT in a search configuration to either broaden or narrow your results.
In a spreadsheet, what is a function
A pre-defined formula
To replicate a formula in a spreadsheet to other contiguous cells, what do you do?
Click & drag from the cell WITH the formula across or down to other cells and then Fill Across or Fill Down
What do you need to show a computer screen on a TV set?
A digital to analog converter
How much storage space is on a CD-ROM?
600-650 MB