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A monitoring program, since renamed DCS1000, used by the FBI to intercept and monitor e-mail and web activity of suspected criminals.
Any illegal act involving a computer
Computer crime
Software that can be used to record an individuals computer usage, typically either by capturing images of the screen or by recording the actual keystrokes used.
Computer monitoring software
Repeated threats or harassing behavior via e-mail or another internet communications method.
A group of electronic data, such as encryption keys and a digital signature, that can be used to verify the identity of a person or organization.
Digital certificate
The use of a computers or other types of digital equipment to make illegal copies of currency, checks, collectibles, and other print-based items.
Digital counterfeiting
A unique digital code that can be attached to an email message or document to verify the identity of the sender and guartantee the message or file was unchanged since it was signed.
Digital signature
A written plan that describes the steps a company will take following the occurrence of a disaster.
Disaster-recovery plan
A fraud or scam carried out through the internet.
Dot con
Using electronic means to collect a variety of in-depth information about an individual, such as name, address, income, and buying habits.
Electronic profiling
Observing or reviewing employees'actions while they are on the job.
Employee monitoring
A method of scrampling e-mail or files to make them unreadable if they are intercepted by an unauthorized user.
A collection of data about people that is collected and maintained by the government.
Government Database
The thefft of computer hardware.
hardware theft
Using someone else's identity to purchase goods or services, obtain new credit cards or bank loans, or otherwise illegally masquerade as that individual.
Identity theft
The rights of individuals and companies to control how information about them is collected and used.
Information privacy
A collection of data about people that is stored in a large database and used for marketing purposes.
marketing database
When an item purchased through an online auction is never delivered after payment, or the items is not as specified by the seller.
Online auction fraud
To request that you be removed from marketing activities or that your information not be shared with other companies.
Opt out
A policy commonly posted on a company's Web site.that explains how personal information provided to that company will be used.
Privacy policy
A type of encryption that uses a single key to encrypt and decrypt the file or message.
Private key encryption
A type of encryption that uses a set of matched keys to encrypt or decrypt the file or message.
Public key encryption
The unauthorized copying of a computer program.
Software piracy
Unsolicited, bulk e-mail sent over the internet.
A device that protects a computer system from damage due to electrical fluctuations.
Surge suppressor
The complete malfunction of a computer system.
System failure
An e-mail address used only for non-essenstial purposes and activities that may result in spam; the address can be disposed and replaced if spam becomes a problem.
Throw-away e-mail address
Hardware and software specifically designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities.
Assistive technology
A state of fatigue or frustration usually brought on by overwork.
A policy, often for a school or business. that specifies allowable use of resources such as computers and other equipment.
Code of conduct
a policy, often for an organization or industry, that apecifies overall moral guidelines adopted by that organization or industry.
Code of ethics
An inaccurated statement or story spread through the use of computers.
computer hoax
The legal right to sell, publish, or distribute an original artistic or literary work; is held by the creator of a work as soon as it exists in physical form.
The gap between those who have access to technology and those who don't.
Digital divide
The alteration of digital content, usually text or photograghs.
Digital manipulation
A suble alteration of digital content that isn't noticeable under normal use, but that identifies the copyright holder.
Digital watermark
A device that connects a portable PC to conventional hardware such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer.
Docking Station
A certification, often by a government agency, that identifies a device as meeting minimal environmental performance specifications.
Hardware, typically input and output devices, that is designed to be more ergonomically correct than its non ergonomic counterparts.
Ergonomic hardware
The science of fitting a work environment to the people who work there.
Overall standards of moral conduct.
The use of computers in an environmentally friendly manner.
Green computing
The rights to which creators of original creative works (such as artistic or literary works, inventions, corporate logos and more) are entitled.
Intellectual property rights
A form of protection that can be granted by the government for an invention; gives exclusiv rights of an invention to its inventor for 20 years.
Presenting someone else's work as your own.
A type of injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that is caused by performing the same physical movements over and over again.
Repetitive stress injury (RSI)
A word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies a good or service.
Software or hardware products that are announced or advertised, but that are not yet and may never be available.