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Which of the medium cannot be used to store binary data?
What is the decimal equivalent of 11011 (base 2)?
What is the binary equivalent of 23? (Decimal/base 10)
How many different numbers can be stored in 12 bits?
How many bits are required to store the unsigned number 128?
How many bits are in a 2-byte word?
The purpose of CS 100 is to
learn how to better live in an information world
What is the processing cycle of computers?
Get information, modify it, and put it back.
What is the resulting value of the variable B?
Note: "--" means decrement by 1.

for (i=10; i >=0 ; i--)
{ if (i>=6)
{A=i + i;
B= i - A;
What is the resulting value of the variable B?

(i=10; i >=0 ; i--)
{ if (i>=6)
A=i + i;
B= i - A;
What is an Array of Characters?
put answer here
What is a valid refrence to an element in the array "DOG"?
How would one reference Fred's Gender?
What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 101 (base 10)?
What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 110010(base 2)?
What is the fastest way for a computer to get to information on a disk or in memory?
By Address
What is the easiest way for a person to find information in a computer?
By Searching
The character '1' is represented in a computer memory by the binary number 00000001 (base 2).
A spreadsheet is an example of a
two-dimensional array
Each element of a spreadsheet is called a
A spreadsheet formula would refrence the top-left spreadsheet cell as
What is it called when a spreadsheet (or any other program) tries to use a number that is bigger than the computer can handle?
Which of the following formulas might a spreadsheet use to compute the average of cells C1 and C2:
= (C1+C2)/2
Whenever the value of a cell in a spreadsheet is changed
the program automatically updates the values of all cells that reference that cell.
In a spreadsheet suppose that the value in cell A1 is 36, the value in a cell B1 is 0, and the value in cell C1 is -11. What would be the value of this formula:
Suppose a spreadsheet has three columns and four rows. Which of the following formulas would compute the sum of all the values in the spreadsheet?
In a spreadsheet, what type of value is returned by this formula: =AND (C3>=0, C3<=10)
write answer
In a spreadsheet, suppose that cell C3 contains the number 10. What would be the value of this formula: =if(and(c3>=10), "OK", "NOT OK")?
write answer
The Excel INDEX function
returns a vlaue from within the table range
The Excel MATCH function
returns the relative position of an item in an array that matches a specified value
The Excel VLOOKUP function
searches for a value in the leftmost column and returns a value in the same row from a specified column
The Excel sort command
can sort cells with 3 keys
Windows is a good example of:
An operating system
does all of the above.
When you double-click on a file, how does the computer know what to do?
The file type, indicated by the file extension, dictates what program to execute.
The <pre> tag
displays lines exactly as they are type in
The Text within the <font color=#FF000">...some text...</font> element will be what color?
what is true of relative links?
all of the above