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the cell that is selected
active cell
a feature located on the lower right corner of a selection that lets you copy the contents of a cell or a series of consecutive entries into adjacent cells
fill handle
a group of cells that forms a rectangle and is identified with the address of the first cell, a colon, and the address of the last cell
the grid where you enter data
a button or command on the edit menu that lets you undo actions
an excel file
the grid where you enter data
a permanent reference to a cell that does not change in relation ot the location of the formula
absolute reference
refers to the values ofr cell references on which a function is to be performed
signal that you want to add, subtract, multiply, or divide parts of a formula
arithmetic operators
a set of instructions to perform calculations in a cell
a cell reference in a formula that contains either an absolute column or row reference
mixed reference
method of entering cell addresses in formulas by clicking
feature which highlights each cell or range of cells with a different color so that you can easily edit the fromula in the cell
range finder
a reference to a cell that changes in relation to the location of the formula
relative reference
the order in which the equal sign is followed by the values to be calcuated that are separated by opereators
in word, a feature that applies formattin, such as headings, bulleted or nubered lists, borders, numbers, and symbole, to text in your document; a preset format that excel applies to worksheet data
text or graphic that prints in the bottom margin of each page in a document, worksheet, or presentation
information that prints at the top of each page in a document, workseet, or presentation
a master copy for certain type of ducment