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the files that are held in a data base.
questions that pull related data items together from a database in a format that enhances efficient management decision making.
flow chart
pictoral representation of the logical steps it takes to solve a problem.
English-like representation of the logical steps it takes to solve a problem.
input symbols
represented as parrellelograms in flowcharts.
flow lines
arrows that connect the steps in a flow chart.
terminal symbols
a start/stop symbol that is at each end of a flow chart.
memory locations whose contents can vary over time.
a memory device.
camel casing
format for naming variables in which multiple-word variable manes are run together, and each new word within the variable name begins with an upper case letter.
infinit loop
repeating flow of logic without an ending.
dummy value
preselected balue that stops the execution of a program.
sentinel value
same as a dummy value.
a flow chart symbol used when limited page size forces you to continue the flow chart on the same or following page.
assignment statement
stores the result of amy calculation performed on its right side to the named location on its left side.