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Computer Literacy
To have knowlege about and understand what a computer is and why and how to use one.
a collection of unprocessed things used to produce something. The unprocessed things being the data and what is produced is the information.
computer instructions
steps that tells the computer how to do or perform a given task.
USB flash drive
a storage device that has a larger capacity than a floppy.
hard disk capacity vs. other sotrage devices
mostly enclosed in the computer's tower, it has the greatest storage capacity of all storage devices thus contains the operating system.
a communication device which enables a computer to send and recieve data, instructions, and information from and to one or more computers.
Media Center PC
home entertainment desktop computer that gives you access to TV programs, radio, video, photographs, and basic computer functions.
a computer developed for work that requires a lot of calculation and graphics.
notebook computer
portable personal computer made to fit in your lap.
purchasing decisions of handheld computers
the size of the device and screen and the the capabilities of available software
supercomputers' processing speed
more than 100 tril. instructions in a single sec.
entertainment software
allows user to play games, compose music, research genealogy, or create greeting cards
mobile users
users who work on a computer while away from a main office of school by tranferring info. between their mobile device and another computer at the main office or school by use of notebook, tablet pc, or pda
power users
use workstation or powerful computer with extremely fast processors. these users work with multimedia
a form of long distance healthcare which healthcare professionals in seperate locations conduct live conferences on the computer.
neural network
a system that attempts to imitate the behavior of the human brain.
widely accessed Internet services
the likes of the worldwide and e-mail which links millions of businesses, gov. agencies, educational institutions, and individuals together.
World Wide Web Consortium(W3C)
Oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the internet with the mission of web growth.
dial-up connection
the use of a standard telephone line to connect to the internet. Is slow speed technology
high-speed internet connection
through dsl, cable, radio signals, or satellite which provides high speed using
DNS server
the method that the internet uses to store domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
Dynamic Web page
enables vistors to customize some or all of the viewed content thus is "changing" in nature and not fixed thus don't have to see all the content at the same time.
the process of a computer receiving information from a server on the internet
shape of cursor when on a link
a small hand with a pointing index finger
search engines
a program that finds websites and webpages for those you dont know the exact web address to
Internet-enable moblie devices
with a wireless portal, it provides the mobile user with search engines, news, stock quotes, weather, maps, e-mail, calendar, instant messaging, and shopping
Educational Website
Allows for formal and informal teaching and learning
Blog website
an informal website consisting of time-stamped articles, or post, in a dairy or journal format, usually in reverse chronological order which reflect the interest, opinions, and personalities of the author/blogger
content aggregators content specification
a business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributes, or feeds, the content to subscribers for free or a fee. The "specification" such RSS 2.0 and Atom is what is used to distribute content to subscribers.
streaming audio
the ability to listen to music as it downloads to your computer
consumer-to-consumer e-commerce(C2C)
when one consumer sells directly to another such as in an auction. For ex. Ebay
SMTP(simple mail transfer protocol)
a communications protocol uesed by some outgoing mail servers which, as you receive mail it holds the message in your mailbox until you use the email program to retrieve them
news server
a computer that stores and distributes newsgroup messages used by universities for example.
open source software
software provided for use, modification, and redistribution and it has no restrictions from the copyright holder
public-domain software
has been donated for public use and has no copyright restrictions. Anyone can copy or distribute the software
dialog box
a window taht provides info., presents available options, or request a response
a sequence of keystrokes and instructions that a user records and saves
edit a document
to make changes to an existing content by, for example, insering, deleting, cutting, copying, and pasting
a measurement system used to gauge the font size of a text
spreadsheet capacity
up to 255 worksheets each with 256 columns and 65,536 rows. More than 16 mil. cells(256 x 65,536
database software
an application software that allows users to create, access, and manage a database.
personal information manager(PIM)
application software that includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad, and other features to help users organize personal information
desktop publishing
enables professional designers to create sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and many colors
legal software
assist in the preparation of legal documents and provides legal information to individuals, families , and small businesses
messages and files sent via a network such as the internet
used to create/maintain blog
antivirus software
provides protection for the computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media, or in incoming files
vertical market ASP
provides applications for a particular industry, such as construction, healthcare, or retail
distance learning
the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations