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is the equipment of a computer system.
consists of the programs that tell the computer what to do.
devices that include keyboards, and mice. through these devices, data items enter the computer system. Data can also enter a system from storage decives such as magnetic disks and CD's.
includes all the text, numbers, and other information that are processed by a computer.
data items may involve organizing them, checking them for accuracy. or performing mathematical operations on them.
is the piece of hardware that processes data.
The central processing unit, or (CPU)
Visial Basic, C#, C++, Java, or COBAL are what?
Program language's
The computer's on/off circuitry language is what?
Machine language
What translates a high-level language into machine language and tells you if you have used a programming language incorrectly?
A Compiler or Interpreter
you devlop the ____ of the computer program when you give instructions to the computer in a specific sequence, without leaving any instructions out or adding extraneous instructions.
What occurs when a correct word is used in an incorrect context?
A semantic error
memory, main memory, primary memory, and random access memory (RAM) are called
Internal storage.
storage outside the main memory of the machine, on a device such as a floppy disk, hard disk, or magnetic tape is the...
External storage
a low-level language made up of 1's and 0's that a computer understands is
Machine language
_____ represents the relationship of databases, files, records, fields, and characters.
The data hierarchy