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Name three output devices.
Moniter, printer and speakers.
Random Access Memory. It stores data temporarily inside a computer. The info is lost when the computer is shut off
What happens to the information stored in RAM memory when the computer is turned off and why?
It is lost because it only temporarily stores the infor when the computer is on, so when the computer is turned off the info is lost. It requires power ro maintain its setting.
What are the three basic functions of the microprocessor?
1)Performs calculations
2)Processes instructions
3)Manages the flow of info through the computer
Name the four "traditional" storage devices we discussed in class (exclude CD burners and DVD burners) AND state if they have long or short term storage capabilities
1)Floppy Drive - longterm
2)Hard Drive - longterm
3)RAM - shortterm
4)ROM - longterm
Why do we bother to link computers together in a network?
So that we can share info. and so that we can access documents from any computer in the school
Basic Input/Output System. It controls the input/output functions of the computer.
What type of network is Stuart and draw a picture of the kind of LAN Stuart has.
Stuart is a client Server Network

An off/on switch. They replaced valves in 1953. They were cheaper, smaller, and could be easily packed.
Why must chips be fabricated in a perfectly clean environment?
Because any particles could damage the CPU while it is being made.
A set of electronic instructions that give a computer directions. You cannot see or touch software but the package it comes in.
List the factors that determine the performance of the CPU and next to each factor give an example of it and if applicable tell how it works.
1)Manufacturer - ex:AMD, Intel
2)Generation - ex: Pentium 4 is faster then Pentium 3. Every CPU is more powerful than the one before it.
3)Speed - ex: megahertz. CPU speed is important in determining how fast a computer operates
What is used to read the information on a CD -ROM?
A laser beam
What are the four basic functions (parts) of a computer?
1)Input ex: mouse
2)Output ex: printer
3)Process ex: CPU
4) Store Info ex: hard drive
Why do computers only understand binary numbers?
Because transistors onle have two conditions, on and off, 0 and 1.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a numbering system that gives numerical values to numbers, letters, and other characters. Lots of programs read, exchange and save data using the ASCII numbering system.
Hard Drive
The primary device a computer uses to store data. It uses magnets to store data.
How many pixels there are per square inch
Explain in detail how the internal cahce, external cache and the RAM work with the CPU.
The CPU first looks in the internal cache to find info. Then it looks in the external cache if it cannot find it. Then if it still cannot find the info. it will look in the RAM
What is a CPU's main function?
It is the main chip of a computer. It performs calculations, processes instructions and manages the flow of info. It communicates with input, output and storage devices.
How many bytes are in this phrase - I studied for this test
23 Number of letters and spaces A letter or number = 1 byte = 8 bits
Name three input devices.
Key board, scanner, and mouse
USB Port
Universal Serial Bus. It allows you to connect up to 127 devices using only one port. Not at the same time.
What is utility software, give an example and what is it's job.
It is a program that does certain tasks on your computer. ex: Norton Utilities. It helps to maintain and optimize you computer. It also recovers lost files
Read Only Memory. It is permanent and cannot be changed. It stores instructions that get the computer ready for use.
What's the difference btw. an Inkjet printer and a Laser printer?Why would you want one over the other?
An inkjet sprays ink over the page to form letters, where a laser uses toner and lasers to create letters. An inkjet would be good for documents and a laser would be good for photos
What is the difference btw. task or game software and OS software?
Task or gaming software allows you to do specific tasks. OS software controls the overall activity of the computer.
How many bits are in the pharse - I studied for this test
184. Number of letters and spacestimes 8
Revolutions per Minute, the measure of the speed of the platters spinning in the hard drive
What is a bit in binary numbers?
On or off 1 or 0
Stands for Compact Disc Read Only Memory. It means you cannot change the data stored on the disc.