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The most commonly used input device is a:
A device which is a combination input and output device is a:
Touch screen
Which of these is used in banking for check and negotiable instrument processing?
MICR (magnetic ink character recognition)
A technology used to interface musical instruments with computers is:
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI): A standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling and interconnecting musical devices and computers.)
the smallest unit of data storage is:
In terms of computer time, the shortest element is a:
Picosecond = 10E-12 second
A technology which is used to increase the reliability of disk storage is:
RAID -- redundant array (of) independent disks
The largest capacity computer, in terms of the number of users it can simultaneously support, is a
Mainframe has the greatest number of simultaneous processes.
Which of these is a low cost alternative to tape for backup storage in many applications?
CD - rewritable