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___________Uniquely identifies each colomn in a data source
Field Name
the_______contain the text that varies from one merged document to the next.
data records
each column in the data source is called a(n)
Data Field
The_________contains the variable, or changing, values in each form letter.
Data Source
The___________provides buttons and boxes you use to merge documents.
Mail Merge Toolbar
In an IF field, Word evaluates the________if the condition is true.
True text
A(n)________is similar to a form with prewritten text
You can verify the order of data records without printing them by clicking the ______________button on the Mail Merge toolbar
view merge data
One way to print the contents of the data source is to merge all the data records in the data source into a single document called a(n)__________.
A letter in which the date line, complimentary close, and signature block are slightly to the right of the ceter point, and all the other letter componentss flush left uses the________________.
Modified Blockstyle
The first row of a data source is called the________because it identifies the name of each colomn
header record
In an IF fied, Word evaluates the_____________if the result of a condition is false.
False Text
When a merge field is inserted into the main document, Word surrounds the field name with_____________
chevrons(merge field characters)
A template displays __________that you select and replace to personalize the document.
a placeholder text
_________is the process of combining the contents of a data source with a main document
A(n)_________consists of an expression, followed by a comparision operator, followed by a final expression.
The _________contains the constant, or unchanging,text,punctuation, spaces, and graphics.
Main Document
In the Main document, the data source field names are called ____________.
The merged Fields
_______represent the value to display after Word evaluates the instructions of the IF field.
Field Results
keyword used to declare a variable
keyword used to indicate theend of an event procedure
End Sub
keyword used to indicATE THE END OF AN iF/THEN conditional statement
End If
Keyword used to indicate the beginning of an even procedure
Private Sub
Keyword used to indicate the beginning of an If/Then statement.
Keyword used to display data to the screen
Character used to indicate a comment
Keyword used to indicate a comment