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an optical storage medium similar in apperance and technolgy to a CD-ROM but with higher storage capacity
Hard Disk Drive
A computer storage device that contains a large capacity hard disk sealed inside the drive case
nonpitted surface areas on a CD that represents digital data
A vertical stack of tracks that is the basic storage bin for a hard disk drive
Solid State storage
A variety of compact storage cards,pens,and sticks that stores data in a nonvolatile,erasable,low-power chip in a microscopic grid of cells.
Pointing Device
an input device siuch as a mouse that you use to manipulate an on-screen pointer and other screen-based graphical controls
Pnp Plug and Play
the ability of a computer to recognize and adjust the system configuration for a newly added device automatically
Ink Jet printer
A non-impact printer that creates charecters or graphics by spraying liquid ink onto paper or other media
pointing input device used as an alternative to a mouse
USB port
popular ports for connecting peripheral devics including mice,scanners,printers,and joysticks that have a USB connector
a type of computer memory circuit that holds data,program instructions, and the operating system while the computer is on.
Laser printer
a printer that uses laser based technolgy ,similar to that used by photocopiers
data that can exist only witha constant power supply.
an inout device that allows the user to manipulate objects on the screen by moving the mouse on the surface of a desk
Storage Capacity
the amount of data that can be stored on a storage media