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computer file
a single collection of data stored on a storage medium
the instructions that prepare a computer to do a task indicate how to interact with a user and specify how to process data
a device that sends and recieves data to and from computers over telephone lines
an 8-bit unit of information that represents a single charecter
in the context of computing and data mangement, the symbols that a computer uses to represent facts and ideas
(1) a computer connected to a local area network.
(2) a powerful desktop computer designed for specific tasks.
output device
a device such as a monitor or printer that displays prints or transmits the results of processing from the computer
(uniform resource locator) the address of a web page
storage device
a mechanical apparatus used to store computer data, such as a floppy disk a hard disk USB flash drive or a CD-ROM
(hypertext markup language) a standarized format used to specify the format for web page documents
FLash drive
a portable solid state storage device feturing a built-in-connector that plugs directly into a computer's USB port.Also called a USB drive
executable file
a file,usually with a .exe extension,containg instructions that tel a computer how to perform a specific task
(hypertext markup language) a standerized format used to specify the format for web page doucments
input device
a device such as a keyboard or mouse that gathers input and transforms it into a series of electronic signals for the computer
(internet service provider) a company that maintains internet computers and telecommuncations equipment in order to provide internet access to organizations.