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Photoelectric scanner that reads bar codes for processing.
Bar-code reader
Easy-to-learn procedural programming language widely used on microcomputers.
BASIC (BeginnerÆs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code):
Processing performed all at once on data that has been collected over several days.
Batch processing
Numbering system in which all numbers consist of only two digits--0 and 1.
Binary system
A 0 or 1 in the binary system.
Bit (binary digit
Graphic file in which image is made up of thousands of dots (pixels).
Bitmap file
Bandwidth that includes microwave, satellite, coaxial cable, and fiber-optic channels. It is used for very high speed computers.
Special Internet software that allows users to effortlessly jump from one computerÆs resources to another computerÆs resources.
Surfing or navigating the Web.
A data roadway along which bits travel.
Electronic data roadway, connecting the parts of the CPU to each other and linking the CPU with other important hardware, along which bits travel. Also, the common connecting cable in a bus network.
Bus line
Network in which all communications travel along a common path. Each device in the network handles its own communications control. There is no host computer or file server.
Bus network
A special area you can click to make links and ônavigateö through a presentation.
Unit consisting of eight bits. There are 256 possible bit combinations in a byte.