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What is RAM and how long does it last?
RAM is Random Access Memory and it is a short term memory which lasts until the computer is shut off.
What is a bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte?
bit=a single binary number
byte=8 bits
kilobyte=1024 bytes
megabyte=1024 Kb
gigabyte-1024 Mb
terabyte=1024 Gb
Name standard input devices.
digi camera/recorder, webcam
What is an output device?
Output devices produce the data after it has been processed and returns it in soft copy or hard copy. ie monitor and printer
What are examples of storage devices?
Internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB(flash)drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM
What was the original connection port?
Parallel port which was developed by IBM.
What is the new type of connection port?
USB port which allows for easier connection of more items and faster connection.
What is important when choosing a computer?
Amount of RAM, size of hard drive, and processor speed.
Name some adaptations that for computers to accomadate handicap people.
Braille translator, touch screen, adjustable wands or sticks
What does a scanner do?
A scanner is a device which allows a document to be scanned into a word document and saved on the hard drive. It requires specfic software.