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An excel file with one or more worksheets
the work area for entering and calculating data made up of columns and rows
intersection of column and a row on a worksheet
contains the cell pointer
active cell
as you enter data into a cell it simultaneously appears here
formula bar
the location of a cell in a worksheet identified by its column letter and row number. This is also known as the cell's address
cell reference
a way to view locations on the worksheet without changing the active cell
tabs that appear at the bottom of the workbook window, which display the name of each worksheet
sheet tabs
buttons that appear just to the left of the sheet tabs, which allow you to scroll hidden tabs into view
tab scrolling buttons
the excel default workbook contains three worksheet tabs or sheets
blank workbook
a workbook with certain labels, formulas, and formatting preset, saving you time in creating commonly used forms, such as invoices or purchase orders
text in the first row or column of a spreadsheet that identifies the type of data contained there
the standard settings excel uses in its software, such as column width or number of pages in a workbook
he command used to reverse one or a series of editing actions
the command used to redo an action you have undone