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What are the three distinct forms of particle motion?
Cylindrical, Transverse, Longitudinal
How do you calculate the velocity of sound knowing the temperature?
C=49 (sqr root)459.9 = degree
How does temperature affect the velocity of sound?
higher temp = faster sound
lower temp = slower sound
What is wavelength?
The length of a wave.
How do you calculate wavelength?
wavelength = 1130/hz
How can you reverse polarity?
Swap pins 1&2
swap +&-
reverse bananas
Describe Phase.
Frequency dependant time delay
How do you calculate octave relationships?
2:1 ratio
a doubling
How do you calculate harmonics?
X of fundamental.
How do you calculate a range of octaves?
2^n = Fh/Fl
What are the main reasons of sound system measurement?
Maintenance, Artistic, leagal.
What 5 basic test signals are used for sound system measurement?
white noise, pink noise, shaped noise, broadband pulse, sin waves.
What is White noise?
Equal energy per frequency.
What is Pink noise?
Equal energy per octave.
What are the 2 most common weighting curves used for SPL meters?
A and C
What dimension is a Real Time Analyzer missing?
What is The Fourier Transform?
Math calculation that converts Amp vs. Time into Amp vs. Freq.
What measurement systems use FFT?
What does TEF stand for?
Time Energy Frequency.
What does MLS stand for?
Maximum Length Sequence.
What is an electronic crossover point?
Where low and high output of a processor crosses.
What is acoustic crossover point?
when both drivers are driven at the same amp.
what is amplitude correcction
boost in certain areas of freq response to correct for inefficiencies of speaker cabinet.
what is phase correction.
time alighnment
How do amplifier spec sheets denote voltage gain?
what is power amplifier voltage gain
ratio of input to output woltage
how do you match amplifier voltage gain
potentiometers, dip switch, front panel attenuators.
What are some of the side effects of reducing the LF amplifier gain.
decrease LF buildup
Shifts the acoustic crossover
Requires the HF driver to carry more of the MF power
Ease was developed by who?
Wolfgang Ahnert
What other types of room input methods are there other than vertex by vertex
insert shape 3D
name the 5 types of 3D shapes you can insert
Interior surfaces are what color?
What is the hot key used to save and apply?
Why are most rooms modeled in the negative Y axis.
direction speakers are facing when inserted.
What is the command for cutting a face into two faces?
Fixed cut
What is the hotkey to delete unattached vertices?
ctrl + Shift + F12
When adding floor to ceiling columns in a room you must?
is coat of
What are some of the prototypes available
church, amphitheater, redubt
what applicationss sis the SIM II V2.0 lab used for
stand alone measurement
What are the status panels
info windows at bottom of screen
what are the 2 windows in Spectrum mode
reference and measurement
(amps vs freq)
what are the 2 windows in Delay Finder mode
relative amp vs. time
bottom is 10x multiplier
what are the 3 traces in the Frequency Response screen
Freq response
signal to noise (coherence)
what 2 choices under the setup menu reference channel are you provided with?
what 2 choices under the setup menu measurement channel are you provided with?
what is the hot key to turn the generator on?
Alt G
which frequency is typically used for measuring harmonic distortion?
what is the hot key for the auto delay in the delay finder mode?