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Which statement about ultra book computers is false?
-Ultrabooks have the fastest optical drives
SSD is classified as which type of storage
When would you want to consider RAID 1 technology?
When you need an instant backup of your work
CPUs have several internal components including
-All of the above
Super-fetch is a memory-management technique that
-Preloads the applications you use most into memory
A quad core CPU with hyper-threading has eight virtual CPUs
SSD hard drives are cheaper alternative to RAM
To document a problem you are having, you can use
-Problem steps recorder
Which is not a type of video port
-USB 3.0
A sound card that supports 7.1 surround sound will drive
-eight speakers
To improve video performance, modern computers have a addition to the CPU
The faster data transfer port for computers today is the
-Thunderbolt port
Donating a computer always puts your personal information at risk
GDDR5 memory is often used in external hard drives
Each device connected to a network is known as a
A small network used for communication between personal computing devices is a
The fastest broadband internet service is usually
The part of the network that establishes a communications channel between the nodes of the network is known as
-Transmission Media
The device used to move data between two networks is called a
Actual data throughput is usually higher on wired networks than on wireless networks
Home networks are usually configured as a client/server network
When setting up a home network, the router is attached
-directly to the broadband modem
All of the following are methods to secure your wireless network except
-disabling WEP
Which network-ready device facilitates file sharing and data backup
-All of the above
To share files between computers on a Windows home network, you must
-create a home group
Which of the following is not recommended to do when securing a home wireless network
-Enable SSID broadcast
Network-ready devices contain Ethernet Switches
Home network serves are a specialized typed of NAS device
The operating system of your cells/smartphone is stored in
-read-only memory
VoIP is phone service that
-works over an Internet connection
Which service allows you to use your cells/smartphone to send messages that contain images?
Digital convergence means that
-one device can perform the jobs of several
there are several categories of mobil devices because
-there is a range of tradeoffs between weight and performance
digital convergence means that all cellular networks will become 4G
Ultra books are a type of notebook computer with the fastest processor and largest screen size
If you are in a location with free WiFi, it is better to use wifi than the 3G cellular signal
which is not a factor that determines the quality of images taken with a digital camera?
The quickest way to distribute your band’s new song to a lot of listeners is to
-use an application to post it on Facebook
P2P is an acronym for
-peer-to-peer sharing
An analog signal is different from a digit signal because
-It is continuous
Which of the following is not true about modern televisions
-they run word processing and spreadsheet software
Digital music files must be converted to the MP3 format if they are transferred to a mobil device
A codec is the algorithm that compresses and decompresses video files
If your digital camera doesn’t support wireless connectivity, you can use a memory card with built-in WiFi