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The TCP/IP stack is comprised of which layers?
What is "ARP"?
Address Resolution Protocol

IP to MAC address resolution
ARP is included in which TCP/IP layer?
IPv4 and IPv6 are included in which TCP/IP layer?
ICMP is included in which TCP/IP layer?
IGMP is included in which TCP/IP layer?
What is "ICMP"
Internet Control Message Protocol

uses Ping and Traceroute utility to manage networks.
What is "IGMP"
Internet Group Management Protocol

protocol used to manage membership of multicast groups. Used by hosts and adjacent multicast routers.
What is IPv4?
4 byte, 32bit

moves data to address
What is IPv6?
128 bit

8 groups of 4 hex
moves data to address
What is TCP?
Transmission Control Protocol

reliable delivery, connection oriented. Sets up connection between 2 devices, keeps track of data, re-transmits and re-orders.
What is UDP?
User Datagram Protocol

unreliable delivery, not connection oriented. Used for VOIP and Audio, no re-transmit, no re-order.
TCP is included in which TCP/IP layer?
UDP is included in which TCP/IP layer?
What is BOOTP?
Bootstrap Protocol

1st method ever used to get an IP address
What is DNS?
Domain Name Service

converts domain names to IP addresses
What is NTP?
Network Time Protocol

auto-synchronizes clocks.
What is SNMP?
Simple Network Management Protocol

gathers statistics from network devices for management
What is Telnet?
Telecommunications Network

unencrypted, remote device login
What is SSH?
Secure Shell

encrypted, "Telnet-like"
What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol

Transfers files, authenticates with username and password. Includes functionality (list,add,delete, etc.)
What is TFTP?
Trivial FTP

read and write, no authentication
What is SMTP?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

send between mail servers
What is POP3?
Post Office Protocol 3

receive mail at client. Designed for intermittent connectivity; connect, download then read later.
What is IMAP4?
Internet Message Access Protocol 4

receive mail at client. keep mail centralized on server and access from other devices. Keeps "states" like read, replied and deleted.
What is HTTP?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol

used by browsers and applications on the internet to send data across the network.
What is HTTPS?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

same as HTTP, but with encryption layer.
What is TLS/SSL?
Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer

TLS is the updated version of SSL.
What is SIP?
Session Initiation Protocol

VOIP signaling. Builds and tears down media calls, handles management between devices.
What is RTP?
Real Time Transport Protocol

carries media stream