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Name four major categories of data security.
Malicious Software, Unauthorized Access, System Failure and Social Engineering
Name six data security technologies?
Authentication, antimalware software, data backups, encryption, data removal, and user awareness
Name the three parts to Authentication.
1. Something the user knows
2. Something the user has
3. Something the user is
Name three common data removal options.
Clearing, purging, and destruction
Name six types of viruses.
Boot Sector, Macro, Program, Polymorphic, Stealth, and Multipartite
Name four types of encryption.
Symmetric key, asymmetric key, Encrypting File System (EFS), and BitLocker
What does EFS stand for?
Encrypting File System
In Symmeteric key encryption a common key is shared between which two parties?
The sender and the receiver
Give eight kinds of symmetric key encryption.
EFS, BitLocker, WEP, WPA, Kerberos, AES, 3DES, and Rivest Cipher
Name the two kinds of keys that asymmetric key encryption uses.
Public and private
Name two kinds of assymmetric key encryption.
Where can one access EFS?
Directly from the Properties page
What versions of Windows can BitLocker be used in?
Win 7/Vista Ultimate & Enterprise editions