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What normally happens with Auditory Comprehension? (in non aphasics)
1. Stimulus Detection -you are aware of a stimulus 2. discrimination of a stimulus. recognize the differences between phonemes ( ba versus pa) 3. Retention.(the storage and retrieval of auditory material) 4.Categorization(the association between new stimuli and older material) 5. Sequential retention (organizing auditory stimuli)
What are the patterns of auditory impairment that can occur in aphasics?
1. Slow rise time;2. Noise Build Up; 3. Information Processing Log; 4. Intermittent Auditory Imperception; 5. Capacity Defecit; 6. Retention Defecit
What are the 2 most commonly occuring patterns of auditory impairment?
Noise Buildup and Capacity Deficit; Although it is possible to have more (or different patterns). Audioty comprehension is impaired in ALL aphasics
What is slow rise time?
when a client tunes in slowly whne asked to respond to auditory commands. The person will respond to the final part of what you said. Short commands are bad for theses people, they need to warm their systems up.
What is noise build up?
One of the 2 most frequently occuring patterns of auditory impairment (along with capacity defecit). These clients will have the best responses at the begining of the is the opposite of slow rise time.
What is information processing lag?
A tendancy for the client to have better performace at the beginning, third or end peice of information.It is possibly caused by an inability to recieve and process information at the same time.
What is intermittent Auditory imperception?
When the client fades in and out in what appears to be a random fashion. This is way more random than an informaiton processing lag
What is a capacity defecit?
One of the 2 most frequently occuring patterns of auditory impairment ( along with noise build up) This client is only able to process a certain about of units. After that their attention is gone. the clinician needs to find how many units long their attention span is. Once the clinician finds that , the client will always loose concentration after the same amount of units.(syllables, words, and or phonemes)
What is retention defecit?
When the client has a difficulty retaining information over time. They can not store the material. Retention Defecit is mostly seen in Wernicke's clients.
What are the 7 possible disturbances in auditory comprehension?
1. Sentence Comprehension (including syntax, word order, and vocabulary within sentences); 2. Sentence Length and Complexity; 3. Speech Rate; 4. Personal Relevance; 5. Discourse Comprehension; (this is how well the person comprehends the structure, context, scrips and questions of a conversation); 6. Episodic versus non episodic memory; 7. scripts
how does the effect of questions effect auditory comprehension?
patients do better with questions about stated details and information rather than implied details. They have difficulty with implied info. WH questions may be problematic
how does the effect of context effect auditory comprehension?
linguistic context may help- possibly because of context and redundancy rather than comprehension of the specific target
how does the effect of structure effect auditory comprehension?
high versus low; main ideas/ high structure ideas, are easier to comprehend than details/ low structure ideas.
how does sentence length affect auditory comprehension?
longer sentences are more difficult than shorter ones.
what are the three things that can effect sentence comprehension?
syntax, word order and vocabulary
How does sentence comprehension and sentence type affect auditory comprehension for people with aphasia?
They will have problems with : Passive tense, and difficult sentence types (especially negatice, imbedded, or reversible sentences).These client will understand sentences better than words, and words that occur more often within the language will be easier for them to understand
Why are sentences easier to understand for people with auditory comprehension problems than single words?
they provide more context than single words
How does sentence length affect auditory comprehension for people with aphasia?
Longer sentences are more difficult
How does sentence rate affect auditory comprehension for people with aphasia?
reduced speech rate and intra-phrase pauses may help clients with auditory comprehension problems.

It is important to pause and proper and natural places, usually between phrases, rather than between each word
How does personal revelance affect auditory comprehension in people with aphasia?
Familiar words are always easier to understand.

The persons family, hobbies, or maybe prior work may be possibly topics for discussion.
How does discourse comprehension affect auditory comprehension for people with aphasia?
Look at their structure. Give them a variety of different sentence structures to see what they excel with.Context. Comprehension can be enhances by increasing the amount of context that is explicitly stated. State the details, tell them the topic. Scripts. Knowledge of sequence of events in common situations can help the person. For example, tell me how to make a sandwich. Working with scripts works better if the damage is limited to one hemisphere.
How can an aphasic client be successful in discourse?
have them identify a topic. encourage communication repairs. have client ask questions. increase saliency of important information. State info directly.
what type of sentences or vocabulary help a client in treatment?
words, materials and sentences that are personally relevant. semantic cues, use of non-reversible sentences. use of high frequency words
how do scripts effect auditory comprehension?
knowledge and comprehension of common scripts are generally well preserved. Work from there
What are the 2 categories of discourse comprehension?
Content and cohesion
How can a speech and language pathologist work on discourse comprehension?
1. Give the client a topic and ask them what could be discussed (example, a picnic) Start this with categorization (food, clothes, etc); 2. Have the client ask the conversation partner what the topic is; 3. Increase the saliency of the topic by repeating it often.; 4. State implied information directly. People with aphasia can not imply feelings, they also cant understand hints or sarcasm.
Who can do this?
I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
What is most important?
ME!! I will pass this, get good grades, and be amazing! All of you ladies in this program are wonderful! :)