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1. keep for 7 years
2. .25 cents a page
3. Inspection-during working hours within 5 days
4. Copies-within 15 days
5. treatment summary-10 working days up to 30, can bill for time.
Emancipated minors
treated as adults except for child abuse.
1. 14 yeasr old,
2. live away from parents with silent consent
3. working, self supporting
4.from legal means
5. military
6. marriage
confidentiality, exceptions
1. child, dependence, elder abuse , tarassof
2. court order or serach warrant
3. Always assert privilage first
confidentiality: legal/ethical requirements
1. any info between patient and therapist
2.existence of relationship-ethical
3. assert priviilage, wait for court to tell you
Exceptions to privilage
1. Client holder of privilage, you assert always.
exceptions: Pt. signed a written waver
2. court order signed by judge
3.crime perpetrated on child under 16
4.client sues for malpractice
5.evidence code 1024
6.clients brough up MH as an issue
1.inform patirnt-has to either assert or wave privilage
2.if called as witness assert privilage
1.assert privilage to attorney with client's permission
3.ask attorney to file motiom to quash the subpeona on basis of privilage
4.if client has no lawer get one yourself
5.go to self help counter
not reportable, rape is under tarassof
patient coomunicates to therapist, victim identifiable, duty to warn, school considered victim