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What are the 4 anticoagulants used in preparing RBCs?
1. ACD (acid citrate dext)
2. CPD (citrate phosph dext)
3. CP2D (cit-phosph-doubdext)
4. CPDA-1(cit-ph-dext-adenine)
What are the storage times of each anticoagulant?
What temp is indicated?
ACD: 21 days
CPD: 21 days
CP2D: 21 days
CPDA-1: 35 days
All: 1-6 degrees C
What 3 additive solutions are used for RBCs?
1. Adsol
2. Nutricel
3. Optisol
What are the storage times for additive solutions?
42 days
Why is CPD better than ACD?
2,3-DPG levels lower in 1st week with ACD; they lower in the 2nd week with CPD.
How does CPDA-1 enhance storage?
Adenine drives glycolysis to make more ATP and lengthens RBC survival.
What is the purpose of additive solutions?
-Preserve packed RBCs that have no plasma.
-Decrease viscosity of unit
What 5 changes occur in blood with storage?
-pH decrease
-Glucose consumption decrease
-Lactic acid buildup
-ATP decrease
-Reversible 2,3-DPG decrease
What is the shelf life of RBCs or WBCs in:
ACD: 21 d CPD: 21 d
CPDA-1: 35 d AS: 42 d
What is the shelf life of irradiated RBCs or WB?
Original outdate or 28 days, whichever comes first.
What is the shelf life of an OPEN system of RBCs or WB?
24 hrs, if at 1-6'C

4 hrs if at RT
What is the shelf life of washed RBCs?
24 hrs
What is the shelf life of frozen RBCs?
10 yrs
What is the shelf life of any platelet unit?
5 days
What is the shelf life of pooled platelets?
4 hrs - they have to be opened
What is the shelf life of FFP at
-minus 18'C
-minus 65'C
-18: 1 yr

-65: 7 yr
What is the shelf life of PF24?
same as FFP
What is the shelf life of Cryo?
Frozen: 1 yr
Thawed: 6 hrs
Pooled: 4 hrs
What temp must cryo be thawed at?
What is the shelf life of WBCs?
24 hrs
What is the shelf life of PPF (plasma protein fraction)?
5 yrs
What is the indication for WB? What is the standard vol?
Volume expansion; 450-500 ml
What is the indication for irradiation?
To prevent GVHD
What is the indication for RBCs? What is the standard vol?
To increase O2; anemia.
250-300 mL
What is the indication for leukoreduced RBCs?
To prevent febrile reactions
What is the indication for Washed RBCs?
IgA Negative persons, PNH
What is the purpose of frozen RBCs?
Rare phenotypes
What is the indication for Platelets?
Thrombocytopenia, DIC, bleeding.
What is the indication for single donor platelets?
Platelet refractoriness (reaction to HLA on platelets)
What are the volumes of:
-Random donor platelets
-Single donor platelets
RD: 50-70 ml

SD: 200-400 ml
What transfusion criteria applies to SD platelets that doesn't to RD?
Must be HLA compatible
What is the storage temp of all platelets?
What is the indication for FFP?
Coagulopathy, liver disease, DIC, massive transfusion.
What is the typical vol of FFP?
200-250 ml
What is the indication for Cryoprecipitate?
-Hemophilia A
-Fx Eight deficiency
-Fibrin sealant, hypofibrinogen
What is the typical volume of cryoprecipitate?
10-25 mL
What is teh typical indication for WBCs?
Neutropenia < 500 cells/uL
What is the indication for PPF?
Plasma volume expansion
Which components must be ABO compatible?
Which components do not have to be ABO compatible?
Platlets, Factor concentrates, and Albumin.
What are the physiological requirements of a blood donor?
At least 110 lbs, pulse between 50-100 bpm, Hct at least 38%
What test result for Hep B defers a donor?
Pos HBsAg since 11th bday
When does malaria history disqualify a donor?
If treated in past 3 years
What 2 circumstances defer a donor for one year?
-Blood transfusion
-Positive syphilis serologic test
When does aspirin disqualify a donor?
If attempting to give platelet pheresis, can't take within 3 days prior to donation.
How much time must elapse between consecutive blood donations?
8 weeks.
What permanently defers a blood donor?
-Hemophilia A/B history
-von Willebrand's Disease
-Severe thrombocytopenia
-Pos HIV test
How long is a donor deferred if received live viral vaccines?
2 weeks
Which vaccines carry a 4 week deferral?
-German measles (rubella)
-Chicken pox
What are the physiologic requirements for autologous donation?
Hgb of 11g/dL
Hct of 33% or higher
Quick; Storage temps are:
-Whole blood/RBCs
WB = 1-6'C

Plt = 20-24'C
What 7 tests must be done on donor units?
1. Syphilis
2. Anti-HIV 1/2
3. HIV antigen
4. Anti-HTLV 1/2
5. HBsAg
6. anti-HBc
7. anti-HCV
What is the required Hct of PRC?
Not >80%
What is the new expiration date of irradiated products?
28 days, unless the anticoag used was only 21 days anyway.
What is the max level of WBCs in leukoreduced RBCs?
5 x 10^6
What is the platelt count in:
-Random donor units?
-Single donor units?
RD: 5.5 x 10^10

SD: 3.0 x 10^11
How soon does FFP have to be prepared after collection?
Within 8 hrs
What is Cryo prepared from?
What does it contain?

Fibrinogen and Platelet Factors
What is the purpose of buffy poor units?
To leukoreduce a unit and prevent anyphylctic reaction in IgA deficient or PNH patients.
What are the time limits for preparing:
Platelets: within 6 hrs
FFP: within 8 hrs
Cryo: within 6 hrs of thawing, 4 hours if ffp is pooled.
What populations would be eligible for CMV-neg units?
-Pregnant women
-Neonates, premature infants
-Immunocompromised pts
-chemo patients
Which blood components are at risk for CMV transmission?
RBCs and platelets
When CMV neg units are not available, what is an appropriate alternative?