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to thank for
to look for
to ask for
to preside over
to wait for
to look at
to apply for
to approach
acercarse a
to go down to
bajar a
to enter
entrar a
to go to
ir a
to arrive
llegar a
to look like, resemble (2)
parecerse a, semejarse a
to fall into
to smell of
oler a
to taste like
saber a
to go up to
subir a
to play
jugar a(l)
to invite to (2)
invitar a, convidar a
to abuse
abusar de
to remember
acordarse de
to exchange for something else
cambiar(se) de
to distrust
desconfiar de
to apologize for
disculparse de (por)
to enjoy (2)
disfrutar de, gozar de
to doubt
dudar de
to trust
fiarse de
to take care of
ocuparse de
to say goodby to
despedirse de
to fall in love with
enamorarse de
to move, change residence
mudarse de
to be surprised at
sorprenderse de
to be about
tratar de
to forget
olvidarse de
to leave, go out of
salir de
to feel sorry for
compadecerse de
to depend on
depender de
to serve as, play the part of
hacer de
to laugh at
reirse de
to make fun of
burlarse de
to serve as
servir de
to enter
entrar en
to notice (2)
fijarse en, reparar en
to influence
influir en
to be interested in
interesarse en (por)
to fall into
caerse en
to consist of
consistir en
to think about
pensar en
to put an end to
acabar con
to marry
casarse con
to count on
contar con
run across, hit upon an idea
dar con
be responsible for
correr con
to become fond of
enarinarse con
to run across, to meet
encontrarse con
to dream about
sonar con
to run across
topar con
to worry about
apurarse por
to apologize for
disculparse por
to congratulate on
felicitar por
to worry about (2)
inquietarse por, preocuparse por
to be interested in
interesarse en (por)
to look out for
mirar por
to ask for, about
preguntar por
to stop by for; pass as
pasar por