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What are the 4 competencies of reading comprehension?
Oral background, prior reading expericence, language background, characterists of test
(narriative, informal, persuasive, non-standard, text inferentical) for oral language development
Informal and Formal reading types
criterion-refernced state tests, curriculum-based readidng assessments, informal reading inventories, nor-referenced tests, authentic assentments
In this type of reading you have to analyze reading to get focused instruction, and have ongoing assessments to deterimine additonal Inerven fo Teks
Analyze errors for what_________?
to focus instructoion on reading comp.
comp is an individ skill, that requires, metacog,/reflect
Name the two types of megacognitive skills
Self-evaluatio, self-monitoring skills
Know the middle school standards for inde, instuctional, and frustration
reading levels
their numbers what are they
Reading comp is a __________ process to construct meaning
active process
so get busy
The 5 strategies: before, during and after reading
Focused vocab for acquisition activies and instruct.
Preview text, make predictions, question, guide disc
use narriativbe, and expostion texts
Develop comprehnension stragies to self monitor student understanding
Connect instruct with real life situations
Self-questions, rereading, mapoping, using reading journals, mapping discussing texts, think-alounds are part of what.
Model stratgies of meta cognitive skills. Teach must model thourgh purpose used by a competan adult were students make connections
A metacognitive principle
Provide opportunities for students to listen to texts they would not be able to read independtently
MT/ metacog
Assesment issues for at risk kids, you use informal procedures to adjust instruction
Fluent readers are able to focus attention on understanding text.
Non-fluent readers focus theri atteention on decoding, leaving less attention to comprehension
$) reading oomprehesion and assessment
Litery analysis
Story elements and features different genres as components of reding analysis that must be EXPLICITY TAUGHT
to explict teach something