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Social or physical characteristics that mark the boundaries between groups
Are usually subtle
Characteristics ascribed status. )Which of the following characteristics is NOT typical of ascribed status?
It can be altered through hard work and motivation. (It is usually acquired at birth. It typically cannot be changed easily. It is usually involuntary. It is usually for life.)
Stratification, prejudice, and discrimination. (Stratification is another term for:)
The unequal distribution of valued resources. (Prejudice, Discrimination, Status Symbol)
Max Weber thought that Marx's ideas about inequality were too:
In Western Europe, scientific and philosophical interest in the concept of race began:
During the age of European conquest and colonization of non-whites.
The process of assimilation could be illustrated by:
An immigrant learning the language of her new country.
Park's theory of assimilation. (One problem of assimilation is that)
Both A & B With no time frame specified, the theory is untestable, and He does not describe the nature of assimilation process in much detail.
Milton Gordon's integration in the secondary sector. (In Milton Gordon's theory of assimilation, the crucial step is from:)
Acculturation to integration
An increase of inerest in pluralism and types of pluralism. (An increase of interest in pluralism has recently been stimulated by the apparent failure of __________ to occur in U.S. society)
Structure, groups, and straification systems (Stratification is another term for)
The unequal distribution of valued resources.
Which is NOT typical of ascribed status.
It can be altered through hard work and motivation. (this is false-it is for life)
A third type of pluralism that reversed Gordon's first two stages would be:
Integration without acculturation
Language and religion are to culture as __________ and ____________ are to structure.
Groups and stratification systems.
Friends are to the primary sector as _________ is to the secondary sector.
Task oriented groups. (other choices were family members, spouses, roomates, or none of the above.)
Acculturation and integration. (Moving from acculturation to integration is the crucial step in the assimilation process according to:)
Assimilation, accomodation, and pluarlism. (Your text contrasts assimilation and pluralism. Your instructor contrasts the former with:)
All weather bigot, timid bigot, all-weather liberal, and fair-weather liberal.
Bigot -Y/P Y/D
Timid Bigot- Y/P N/D
Fair weather liberal - N/P Y/D
All weather liberal - N/P N/D
Many yrs ago, a Eur-Amer sotreowner in a very racist town succumbed to pressures from others & agreed to band Af Amer from his shop even though he himself was not prejudiced at all. This merchants is and example of Merton's:)
Fair-weather liberal
Which of the following is thought to be an important cause of authoritarian personalities.
Childhood experiences in excessively strict home situations.
According to culture-based approaches, the single most important cause of individual prejudice is:
A normal socialization within a racist society.
Socialization and social distance (The process of physical and psychological development by which a person learns his or her culture is called.)
The concept of social distance best refects:
The degree of intimacy we are willing to permit.
In the 1930's, Lapiere's expereinces traveling around the U.S with a Chinese couple provided evidence to suggest that prejudice is:
In "The American Dilemma", Dr. Gunnary Myrdal suggests that there is a basic conflict (or dissonance) between:
Basically egalitarian values and the discriminatory behaviors simultaneously found in U.S. culture.
According to the split labor market theory, who is most likely to benefit from prejudice.
Higher priced labor
Public opinion polls conducted since the 1940's show that racial prejudice in the U.S. has:
Decreased but has not dissapeared.
Persuasion, education, and prejudice. (________ is a form of communication deliberatley intended to change opinions/attitudes.)
Many studies have shown that as educaiton increases, prejudice_______.
Inter-group contact and reductions in prejudice (Which of these factors need to be present for inter-group contact to reduce prejudice?)
All of the above. hehe (Cooperation in completeing a task, Equal Status, Non-competitive situations and intense interaction.)
Characteristics of modern racism. (In a recent study of modern racism, respondents who attributed continuing racial inequality to either the lack of ability or the lack of motivation of African Americnas, also)
Opposed government intervention.
Which of the following views is NOT typical of modern racism.
African Americans are genetically inferior.
Factors in the development of dominant-mnority relations (The single most important factor in the development of dominant-minority relations is:)
The nature of the contact situation.
According to the Noel hypothesis, if a contact situation featured ethnocentrism, competition between groups, and a differential in power, the result of the contact would be:
Some system of inequality between the groups
Most scholars agree that: Anti-black prejudice was basically a result of American slavery. T or F
In 1763, the British Crown declared Native American tribes to be:
Sovereign nations
Anglo-Americans began moving into the Southwest in:
1820's to acquire land for agriculture.
Much of the Southwest became U.S. territory in _____ as a result of _______.
1848, treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
One difference in the situations of Mexican Americans and AFrican Americns in the 19th century was that.
Mexican Americnas were able to reatin much more of their culture.
Which of the following is true regarding the contact situations between Native Americnas and the Spanish, French, and English?
All of the above are true. (The Spanish found large, well-organized social systems and therefore found it useful to adapt to Aztec practices. The French needed to cooperate with at least some native American tribes to maximize the benefits fo the economy they created. The English met with smaller, less developed tribes and had no specific reason to adapt to those social structures.)
Blauner presents a theory of dominant-minority relations that stresses the importance of:
The initial contact situation.
As socieities industrialize, dominant-minority relations move from:
Paternalistic to competitve forms.
In the agrarian subsistence technology, which preceded the industrial revolution, work was:
Labor intensive
Which of the following is true about the Reconstruction
All of the above....AFrican Americnas in the South culd vote, and many held political office. African Americnas in the South ovwen property. Schools for African Americans in the South were opened. and African Americans founded many samll businesses.
Following Reconstrucion, the South was characterized by:
A rigid cast system under the policy known as "Jim Crow"
Who did NOT benefit from de jure segregation?
African Americns, who were restricted to mostly agricultural and domestic work.
As de jure segregation formed and solidified int he South:
Levels of prejudice and racism increased
In the ________ case in 1896, the Supreme Court established the "separeate but equal" doctrine.
Plessy vs. Ferguson
De-industrialization, the shift from manufacturing to service and information jobs, has resulted:
All of the above. In the loss of millions of hig-paying and unionized manufacturing jobs. In the movement of many industrial jobns to other nation.s From automation and robotics increasing in factories. In new jobs which are hig-end and technical, or low-pay, low-sill jobs with few benefits or security.
During the 19th century, and anti-elities movement attempted to unite poor whites and blacks in the rural south against the traditional elite classes.
Populism (or the populist movement)
"The elite segments of American society are using prejudice and racism to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of minority groups and to brainwash them into accepting their position in society." This statement is most consisten with:
Marxist analysis