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- tan + adj + como

- estoy tan alta como mi hermana

- no se puede dormir tan cómodamente como en la casa propia
- as + adj + as

- I am as tall as my sister

- It's not possible to sleep as comfortably as in your own house
- tan + adj + que

- el piso es tan caro que no lo puedo comprar

- conduce tan cuidadosamente que nunca ha tenido un accidente.
- so + adj + that

- the flat is so expensive I can't buy it

- he drives so carefully he's never had an accident
- verbo + tanto (a, os, as) + sustantivo + como

- yo tengo tanto dinero como tú
- verb + as much + noun + as

- I have as much money as you
- verbo + tanto (a, os, as) + sustantivo + que

- bebió tanto vino qu se emborrachó
- verb + so much + noun + that

- I drank so much wine that I was drunk
- verbo + tanto como

- Yo estudio tanto como tú
- verb + as much as

- I study as much as you
- verbo + tanto que

- Yo comí tanto que tuve dolor
- verb + so much that

- I ate so much I felt ill