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What are some characteristics of snakes?
(1) relatively easy to feed
(2) can't hear but do feel vibrations
(3) reptiles need to absorb UV light
What is venom?
Modified saliva.
It's primary function is to kill/capture prey.
Which snakes are good beginner snakes?
(1). King Snakes-docile
(2). Corn Snakes-docile
(3). Ball pytons-docile, defense mechanism is to roll up into a ball instead of stricking
Which snakes are bad beginner snakes?
(1). Red tail boa constrictors-can be 7-10 feet long
(2). Burmes Pytons
(3). Reticulated pytons

Last 2 are huge...require interaction/have bad temperment...can kill you by mistake...can live 25 yrs.
How should they be housed?
Escape proof (better to open from front), glass, racks, need to include heating and lighting
What animals visited the class?
Brooks->Green Iguana...bad pet
2 bearded dragons->hank and Daisy
3 geikos
1 ball python