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What are the 3 head types in dogs? Give examples.
Bracycephalic-bull dog
Which dog head has the greatest range in sight. Example.
What are the 2 basic components that the skeleton is divided into?
Axial and Appendicular
What is the process in which bones develope and grow?
Ossification (the differentiation of cels into osteoblasts). happens from 1 degree and 2 degress ossification centers.
What are sutures?
Gaps of non-ossified tissue that remain between individual bones during growth from sutures.
What are the 2 general functions of the skeleton?
support and storage
Describe the Axial skeleton?
What disorder does many dogs have?
bones that make up skull, vertiebral column, ribcage, and sternum

IV (intervertebral disc) disorder (esp. cocker spaniels, dachhounds, and bassets)
What is the function of the skull?
Houses and protects the brain and special senses
What is the function of the vertebral column?
To protect the spinal cord and support the skull
What is the function of the rib cage?
To assist with ventilation and protect main organs
What is the appendicular skeleton? What are the 2 main regions?
Bones of the limbs and pelvic girdle. Thoracic and pelvic
What famous person is the 6 toed cat associated with?
What are the verebral column regions and #'s?
What are the functions of the coverings and linings of the body?
Protection, chemical exchange, secretions, support, storage, sensory