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a member function that creates a new object.
default constructor
a constructor that requires no parameters.
overriden member function
redefinition of a member function in a subclass.
The signature is the same as in the superclass.
overloaded member function
the reuse of a member function name with a different signature.
what must be true about the object and parameters before a member function is called.
what is true after the member function finishes.
programming by contract
the use of pre and post to specify what each member function does.
what is the contract when programming by contract?
if pre then post
if the precondition is true when the member function is called then the postcondition is will be true upon any exit.
the method name and types of its parameters
adapter and give another name for this
A class that changes the interface details of an existing class.
another name is wrapper.
Give another name for this
the data that comprises the implementation is encapsulated by the class meaning that it is hidden from the client.
another name is information hiding
compare and contrast class v. object
the class it he template or pattern whereas the object is an instance of a class
compare and contrast public v. private v. protected
these specify the visibility of data members and member functions. public is visible to everyone. private is not visible outside of the member functions of that class. protected is visible within the member functions of the class and any subclasses, but not to clients.
compare and contrast instance method v. class method
an instance method operates on an object and a class method is a service provided that is not associated with any particular object.
class methods are denoted by the keyword "static".