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Three main purposes for speaking
informing, persuading, demonstrating
Choosing a good subject
subject meets requirements, knowing your subject, specific subject
order of importance
arranging information according to importance: least to greatest
chronological order
arranging information according to time-- how events took place
give information about subjects by comparing them and contrasting them
cause and effect
give information about a situation, problem, or process by sharing causes and effects
order of location
arrange information about subjects according ro where things are located in relation to each other
describe a problem and them present a solution
reference in a speech to a familiar person, place, or thing
comparison of an unfamiliar idea to a simple, familiar one
short story told to illustrate a point
balances or contrastsone word or idea against another, usually in the same sentence
using a word or phrase to mean the exact opposite of its literal meaning, or to show a result that is the opposite of what would be expected or appropiate; and odd coincidence
negative definition
describes something by telling what is not rather than, or in addition to, what it is
parallel structure
repeating of phrases or sentences that are similar in meaning and structure; repitition is the repeating of the same word or phrase to create a sense of rhythm and emphasis
rhetorical question
question that is asked to emphasize a point, not to get an answer